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Bohemian Style: All you need to know

Door Emi Baldwin - Thursday 25 June 2015 | 13:26

John Lennon & Yoko Ono during their “Bed-in” at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam, 1969

What is Bohemian style? Is it different to Hippie style?

Well actually Bohemian style is not only the way you dress, but a way of life. It is “Art for Arts sake” and although this line is credited to Gautier somewhere back in the 1800s, the idea goes much further back, to the time of the Ancient Greeks in fact. The term Bourgeois Bohemian first began being thrown about in France during this time. What you may not know though, is that the word “Bohemian” actually means gypsy (uh huh! Hence the similarity in style then!). This title suited the style of these early Bohemians, not only in their choice of lifestyle but in their eccentric clothing.

But nowadays, as times have progressed, the distinction between Bohemians and Hippies has somewhat blurred. Although there is a lot of similarity in the style of dress, there are different ideologies.

Bohemian Ideology in a nutshell

The idea of beauty, freedom, poetry, Art and self-expression – something that can be expressed not only in your appearance but in your choice of lifestyle. Bohemian style has been floating around since the early 20th century. The style is somewhat dreamy, romantic and incredibly delectable to the eye.

The Dreamy Bohemian

The Dreamy Bohemian

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Bohemian is a lifestyle, it is an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, with an appreciation and love for all things artistic. Your look should reflect your passions, whether it be a love for poetry or for perhaps a period in Art history.

To create the perfect Bohemian style;

– 1 dress, made from chiffon, silk or another floaty fabric that billows in the wind

– a dash of lace or some gorgeous sheer thingy that you can fling about when quoting Oscar Wilde

– an artistic flare

– and an open-mind

The perfect accessory for the modern Bohemian;

– a espresso coffee

– riveting conversation

– something made of lace

For the Romantic Folk

For the Romantic Folk

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We saw this trend back in the Summer of 2014 and now it is back but with a new lease of life (so to speak!). Both the Bohemian (or the Boho trend) and the more hippie styles have been greatly inspired by the traditional Folk clothing from “way back when”. The distinctive Folk look can be recognised by the prints, vivid colours and often tasseling…and who doesn’t love a bit of tasseling (or fringing for that matter!).

To draw inspiration from the Folk style;

– colourful prints

– tasseling, fringing, anything with “-ing” at the end actually

The perfect accessory for the Folk-inspired;

– a tambourine or another percussion  instrument

– a crown made of wild flowers

The New Age Hippie

The New Age Hippie

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Hippie style and Bohemian very often get confused. While there is not much difference in the style itself, there is in the philosophy. The difference is that a hippie does not give a hoot what they wear and draw a lot of inspiration from music (namely the 60s) and a bohemian reflects their personality and artistic beliefs into their style. Although this is the difference it can be argued that a hippie does in fact do the same thing, after all a care-free hippie attitude is coming across in the style.

To create the New Age Hippie style;

– 1 loose fitting dress, ideally with an ethnic print or stunning detail to gawp at

– 1 kimono cover-up (to be worn over or alone, whilst sipping on herbal tea)

– a hint of nostalgia

– nonchalance

The perfect accessory for the New Age Hippie;

– an arm bangle with splashes of turquois, ideally

– a selection of 60s vinyl, to include; Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles…the list goes on

– a very awesome silky head scarf

If you are still searching (and not sure where to look?). First try checking out out Maxi Dress page or try typing in a search word (such as, boho, hippie or folk) into the handy search tool at the top of the page.





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