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The Poppy Dress Millie Mackintosh Wore

Rememberence day is almost upon us, otherwise known as Poppy Day! Most of us will just be wearing our poppy, but have you seen the Poppy dress Millie Macintosh wore?

The Made in Chelsea star modeled the dress to support The Royal British Legion. The dress was custom-made by designer Giles Deacon and adorned with 100 silk poppies. The result? Simply stunning.

Wearing 100 poppies to help inspire people to tell the stories behind why they wear a poppy #MyPoppy #poppyappeal #remembrance 🌹

Een foto die is geplaatst door Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) op

The dress in question did however spark some controversy. Why? Well some people just felt that she was using Remembrance day and the dress as a social media stunt and that she was benefiting from the loss of others. 

Others argues that by wearing the dress it was promoting awareness to the cause and memory of those brave soldiers. Whatever your opinion is, there is no denying that the dress certainly grabs your attention. 

Behind the Scenes @royalbritishlegion #MyPoppy shoot this week. Love my @gilesdeacon_ dress! #wewillremember #poppyappeal 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Een video die is geplaatst door Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) op

The Royal British Legion is a service charity helping the Armed Forces to live on. To find out more click here.

This year the campaign #MyPoppy campaign is to not only respect the memories of those we lost but to be worn for the future of the living. The message that is being communicated here is that there is a story behind every poppy.

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How To Dress Up For Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner and that means the parties too. But that doesn’t mean you have to do tacky!


This tradition is in fact Celtic, that means what know is the UK, Ireland and Northern France. Oh and one more thing…it certainly wasn’t a tacky event or an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible! After all ladies, it is the mark of the changing seasons and it’s getting cold outside.

All Hallow’s Eve is actually the mark of the end of the summer and the harvest and the beginning of the colder nights and shorter days. It was thought that on this day the 31st October the boundary between the living world and the world of the dead became blurred. Meaning that the ghosts and spirits of past would return to the living and this is why crops would ruin and the harvest end.


The idea comes from on a day that is so filled with the idea of death, people would dress up to poke fun at death, proving they were not afraid. So you see dressing up in a teeny tiny witches costume isn’t going to scare any spirits now is it?!


Well with the Autumn Winter trends this year it could not be more perfect. Really! There is a gothic romance filling the air. That means plenty of black lace and silky fabrics…oh and capes!

We found that the brand Lavish Alice could be the perfect choice for embracing the romantic style. These three black dresses are a great alternative to the classic LBD.


Cape Sleeve Pencil Dress £ 58.00 Pencil Dress With Lace £ 58.00 Lace Cape Mini Dress £ 58.00


So now the conundrum is whether to dress up in fancy dress. We’re talking scary make-up, devil horns etc… OR to dress up, as in embrace the Halloween theme but in a more stylish way. It is certainly a time then to think elegant, slinky and lace.

Long Sleeved Black Dresses

Little Mistress Knot Front Dress £ 65.00 Forever Unique Lace Maxi Dress £ 180.00 Body Frock Maxi Dress £ 235.00

But perhaps you are after something longer and with a little sex appeal? Well then, these three maxi dresses will give you just that. We have chosen three of the best with plunging necklines. Starting left to right, left being the most subtle choice.



Plunge neck dresses

Love Maxi Dress £ 36.00 Love Plunge Neck Dress £ 32.00 AQ AQ Plunge Neck Maxi Dress Now £ 45.00

Now although black seems like the most obvious choice for such a night. Don’t forget you can spice things up a little with your choice of lippy and of course accessories.

But perhaps you after something else altogether…then these three show stopping dresses are worth checking out! Dress up for Halloween in these stunning dresses.

Alternative Occasion Dresses

Religion Maxi Dress Now £ 58.00 Forever Unique Maxi Dress Now £ 55.00 Asos Woodland Dress Now £ 35.00

Image: Corpse Bride – Tim Burton

So ladies dress up for Halloween but maybe in the other sense of the word!

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Trend report: 5 Shades of Pink

HOT pink at María Clé Leal “Fragile” show

PINK is the word on everyone’s lips. So with a nod to the Pink Ladies. It’s time to think pink. We are seeing the catwalks hotting up with a mixture purples and reds and YES hot pinks. About time too! But don’t panic, if pink isn’t your thing, there are options to play around with the palette a bit. Even opt for a lighter and less intense shade. You could even mix those more vibrant colours with more neutral tones to make for a very beautiful duet of colour.

Last night the MyDress team were at Fashion Week in Amsterdam. We were lucky enough to attend María Clé Leal “Fragile” show and as the scene was set, the atmosphere tensed and a single ballet dancer dressed in flesh coloured fabric, drapped around her fragile body as she weaved mystically through the models. We couldn’t even imagine before hand just how blown away we would become. The stunning array of pink. So having come away from the show totally inspired, we decided it was about time (and bang on trend) to spread the word about just how darn great pink actually is.

So let’s walk through all the glorious shades of pink…

Powder Pink

Whistles 2015

Powder Pink is the perfect choice to take you into winter. Soft, elegant and fresh. We are loving this outfit by Whistles, it just shows that when done right there is no such thing as too much pink! Take a look at our selection of pink dresses to brighten up your wardrobe.

Living Coral

If your not really a pretty in pink kinda girl, then this coral shade is the perfect compromise. We are loving the idea of bringing coral into the Autumn/Winter and why not…it matches those peachy winter cheeks perfectly and sets of a fairer winter skin tone.

Beetroot Purple

Anna Sui Fall 2015

Another fantastic option is this gorgeous beetroot purple. Rich in colour and intense in style. This is a great alternative to black, less harsh and it looks great when teamed with leather.

 Pink Lavendar

Jonathan Simkhai 2015

Now for that soft and totally on trend shade of lavendar. What we love about this outfit is that although the colour is light and fresh, the outfit itself has a quirky edge.

Bleached Apricot

This is a colour that can be teamed with other shades from the same palette of gorgeous coraly (if that isn’t a word it should be!) goodness with ease. Opt for shades that are lighter in colour and then choose a statement piece in this striking coral colour to make an impact.

Now for the line up

Pink 2015/2016 Trend

Supertrash (does powder pink), Six Ames (does coral), Dorothy Perkins (is the perfect choice for a stunning shade of purple)

Don’t forget you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search specific colours, styles and farics, making it easier to find your perfect shade of pink!

Tip: Looking for some great accessories to compliment your perfect pink unsemble? Then check out Grazia Daily for your fashion fix.




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Wimbledon Street Style: This time courtside!

Wimbledon Style

It’s that time of year again, Wimbledon is here. Tennis enthusiast or not, there is a style to suit everyone. When we think of Wimbledon we think of punnets of strawberries and Pimms galore! (Oh and of course the tennis itself). So, the atmosphere is set, the tennis pros are at the ready, but there is still one thing we have to decide…what to wear courtside?! 

Whether you are a hardcore tennis fan or perhaps you are going simply for the social aspect (and that’s fine too!). We have put together three simple looks inspired by Wimbledon street style. 

Wimbledon Street Style?

What is Wimbledon street style? Ok, so we keep hearing this term being thrown around in magazines, the local papers, twitter and now it is about time we thought about what exactly that means…

Strawberries and Cream

This look is girly, cute and importantly playful. Choose classic styles and elegant cuts that frame your body type perfectly. A soft palette, such as peaches, blush tones and soft corals, gives a very girly feel to the outfit but will also suit fair and darker skin tones. Add a little zing to your outfit with cute accessories that are subtle but striking. Think understated glamour. Another option for this look, is to draw from vintage inpiration, so still very feminine but more quirky prints and florals. If you do take the retro route then we suggest a bit of red lippy to set of your look.

Strawberries and Cream coutside look

Chiffon Lace Dress Now £ 16.00 Metallic Shoes £130.00 Rose Gold Plated Ring £29.99 Hair Crown £8.00

Tennis Whites

Fresh, minimalist and just damn cool. This look is easy to achieve and will keep you cool courtside and we mean literally (as white reflects the sun) and also the other way. Keep the base of your outfit white (a sort of canvas to build on) and then add flashes of metallic, so you will be twinkling in the sunshine courtside.

Tennis Whites Inspiration

Paul Smith White Dress Now £ 121.50 White New Look Shoes £23.00 River Island Sunglasses River Island £13.00 Religion Silver Clutch Now £44.50

And…if you still didn’t find your perfect white dress for this look, then check out our White Dresses, we have literally dedicated a whole page to the cause!

Bubbles Darling

This look is old school glamour with a good dash of fun! Go for chic and elegant pieces and funk it up with accessories. Skater style dresses and sleeveless are a good option for this look. It keeps the look simple and then you can build easily from there. So once you have chosen your dress then choose your accessories carefully, this is when it could be fun to think about adding other textures to your look. Remember though, if your dress has a loud print then focus on the material and colour of the accessories and vise versa.

Bubbles darling

Max&Co Patti Cocktail Dress £ 185.00 Calvin Klein Across the Body Bag £108.75 Lace up Silver Shoes £60.00 Nars Semi Matte Lipstick £20.00

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Floral Dresses: A Very British Obsession

Why are the British so obsessed with florals?

Where does the British love for everything floral come from? To me, the answer is now obvious. Chelsea Flower Show of course. As far as we can all think back florals have been a huge part of fashion and I believe will be for generations to come…

Flowers are a huge part of our culture, the ultimate symbol of femininity, elegance. Flowers appeal to our senses, the smell, the beauty, it draws something from within and inspires.

Totally and utterly obsessed!!

Britain’s biggest floral obsession is quite clearly The Chelsea Flower Show. This spectacularly extravagant event really does embody the best of that famously British flamboyancy. Hear! Hear!

Every year we await with baited breath this flower extravaganza. But why? Why, is such an event (that most countries would reserve purely for the over 60s) be so popular? Well-known T.V personalities, celebrities and even supermodels are seen parading around each year with their floral umbrellas. Admiring displays of floral art and ohhing and ahhing at the exhibition. The vivid colours, the chance to show-off, this display of beauty…flowers quite clearly go hand-in-hand with fashion, namely floral dresses. But what is so great about the Chelsea Flower Show, is that where modesty, which is often be favoured by us Brits, has gone out the window! Here it is an excuse to go all out! Why should clothes be any different…hence our love for floral dresses.

There was one photo in-particular, that we (here at MyDress) just could not get out of our heads…and that was this stunning purple gown. It evoked some dreamy fairy-tale thoughts and we became lost in the helplessly romantic need to also find our perfect purple hued floral dress. So we choose three floral dresses…

The Best of the Floral Dresses

Floral DressesJaeger Carnation Dress £ 225.00,  Closet Floral Skater Dress £ 58.00, L.K Bennett Hannah Printed Shift Dress £ 195.00

Perhaps this obsession for all things floral, this quintessential afternoon tea ideology, which everyone seems to associate with us Brits, is indeed true. If you are searching for the perfect floral dress still then it is certainly worth checking out out printed dresses page or simply search “florals” in the search bar at the top of the page and find your perfect bloom!

Other great brands that our as obsessed with floral dresses just as much are; Ted Baker, Closet and Lipsy London.

P.S Did you notice those giant Jammy Dodgers?

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