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The New Face Of Topshop 2016

karlie kloss, topshop

As we enter the New Year, the world of fashion is ready for another season and that means yet another face for one of our favourite brands and webshops here at MyDress. That brand is Topshop! The iconic brand is utterly British in every way, so of course we are excited to see who has made the cut this year.

2016 sees Karlie Kloss become the new face for Topshop. The 23 year old supermodel has officially bagged one of the most saught after campaigns in the industry and rightly so! There is more than meets the eye with this supermodel.

Not only has she graced many a magazine cover (including British Vogue), opened many a catwalk show, been a Victoria Secret Model, she is also a coder…Yes, that’s right, this beauty certainly has brains too! She even started her own scholarship for those wanting to pursue their education in Computer Sciences. WOW. Karlie, we’re impressed.

We can’t think of a better role model for Topshop, given the brand’s influence on younger girls. She really is an inspiration!

Shop Topshop dresses here at

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The most unusual trend so far…

Yes, you heard us right. Honestly after reading this, you will be both puzzled and fascinated. Well, one thing is clear, that the most interesting inspiration for a collection has certainly been won by brand Erdem London.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the collection. The romantic florals, tumbling layers of chiffon, high necks and extravagant use of bows, what’s there not to love? Perhaps we should share a little back story…Could this be the most unusual trend so far?

❤️Alexa @chungalexa Last night @britishfashioncouncil

Een foto die door erdemlondon is geplaatst op

It would appear even Alexa Chung is on board with this trend. The slightly folk inspired trend is the perfect blend of fresh fair weather flowers and darker winter colours. If you think this trend resembles something of Little House on the Prairie? Then you would be right. It does.

If you are to read the idea behind Erdem London’s 2016 collection, it will soon become clear that the idea is both of romantic and unsettling nature. The first thing that springs to mind is Wuthering Heights. Nope, not just the song by Kate Bush!

The whole theme is very wild and raw, which suits the collection. But reading the back story to Erdem London’s collection was at first somewhat puzzling. When we first saw that this trend was based on a deadly fever, we were to say the least, a little shocked. We think this could be the most unusual trend so far…

The story behind Erdem London’s collection is based on the emigrants that were pushed into moving into the great open plains of the West of America. Alone and far away from civilization, they would cling to their sanity, but often driving them to destruction. This became known as “Prairie Madness”. Which is exactly what Erdem London have based their 2016 collection on.

Although we can see where the idea has come from, we think you’ll agree that the finished product (although coming from unusual roots) is something really quite special. And if it’s good enough for fashion royalty, such as Alexa Chung, then it’s good enough for us!

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How To Dress For The Office Christmas Party

The question that crosses many of our minds around this time of year, how to dress for the Office Christmas Party? How should you dress for such an event? It happens every year, yes, but still each year around this time we flood into panic (some more than others!) and wonder what an earth we should wear!

It is worth considering what type of party your office party will in fact be. If your Christmas party is a simple office drinks after work, then perhaps your choice of outfit should differ than if it were a three course extravaganza with all the trimmings? 


In the event of a day-to-night emergency party outfit, opt for a classic style fit, such as the Pencil dress. The Pencil style is the perfect choice for the office. Why? The style is both chic and flattering and importantly, a good canvas to base your party outfit on.

The perfect style for the office party

French Connection Tania Tuck Bodycon Dress £ 75.00 (more dresses from French Connection) Ted Baker Dardee Embellished Midi Dress £ 179.00 (more from Ted Baker) Jaeger Lapel Dress £ 225.00 (more from Jaeger)

It may be an idea then to choose a colour that is more subtle (well, more subtle than say, fushia pink), so that you can transform your look into a party-worthy sensation! These three dresses (see above) are the perfect choice for this option, by being slightly more conservative in length, this makes them the perfect choice for during work hours.

TIP: By swapping your usual office heels or pumps for a pair of strappy sandals, you will immediately transform your look. Making your colleagues wonder where on earth that pair of pins came from!


What is it about Christmas time that makes us crave a bit of luxury? Well then, why not indulge a little. It’s the fine touches that make the dress and these three dresses from John Lewis are just what we were looking for!

Office Party dresses

Jaeger Lace Dress £ 150.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Red £ 140.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Black £ 140.00


The beautiful thing about these dresses, other than the classic and easy to wear style, is that because of the lace detail the accessories can get away with being more subtle. Which means these dresses can carry off simple understated heels with ease and you will still look chic, without having to crank up the glamour dial too much. Ideal. 


Bruce by Bruce Oldfield Velvet Pane £ 199.00 French Connection Cocktail dress £ 85.00 Karen Millen Gothic Long Sleeve Dress £ 235.00

These lovelies will be sure to turn heads, in the best possible way! How could you not be captivated by those yummy velvet panels and sheer delicate details.


Winter wonderland office party

Frock and Frill Occasion wear grey Now £ 148.00 NAF NAF FLAVIA Jersey dress Now £ 44.00 Laona Cocktail dress Now £ 96.00

During the winter months it can be easy just to stick with darker colours. If you feel like your stuck in a rut and fancy trying something new and fresh? Why not try a lighter colour. Dusky grey, cream or nude toned dress could be a great alternative for you.

The dresses we have chosen for you above are girly and cute but still appropriate for such an event as the office party. They are soft and delicate and the beautiful detail makes them that something special you could be looking for!






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The Poppy Dress Millie Mackintosh Wore

Rememberence day is almost upon us, otherwise known as Poppy Day! Most of us will just be wearing our poppy, but have you seen the Poppy dress Millie Macintosh wore?

The Made in Chelsea star modeled the dress to support The Royal British Legion. The dress was custom-made by designer Giles Deacon and adorned with 100 silk poppies. The result? Simply stunning.

Wearing 100 poppies to help inspire people to tell the stories behind why they wear a poppy #MyPoppy #poppyappeal #remembrance 🌹

Een foto die is geplaatst door Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) op

The dress in question did however spark some controversy. Why? Well some people just felt that she was using Remembrance day and the dress as a social media stunt and that she was benefiting from the loss of others. 

Others argues that by wearing the dress it was promoting awareness to the cause and memory of those brave soldiers. Whatever your opinion is, there is no denying that the dress certainly grabs your attention. 

Behind the Scenes @royalbritishlegion #MyPoppy shoot this week. Love my @gilesdeacon_ dress! #wewillremember #poppyappeal 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Een video die is geplaatst door Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) op

The Royal British Legion is a service charity helping the Armed Forces to live on. To find out more click here.

This year the campaign #MyPoppy campaign is to not only respect the memories of those we lost but to be worn for the future of the living. The message that is being communicated here is that there is a story behind every poppy.

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What will John Lewis do this Christmas?

It’s almost that time of year again, where our favourite department stores release those long anticipated Christmas adverts on the telly! But don’t panic it’s by no means Christmas time yet, but we have started to get excited about the John Lewis Christmas advert, after all the countdown to Christmas can only begin once the advert is unveiled at the end of this week.

How could we forget 2014’s heart warming clip as Monty the penguin ventured on a quest to find true love.

But what can we expect this year from John Lewis Christmas Ad?!

This weekend we saw a sneaky teaser on the Xfactor of what we might expect to see and hear. Over the last years we have heard covers of songs by British artists, such as, Ellie Goulding and Lily Allen.

But do John Lewis have competition here?

Last year we were moved almost to tears (some of us, to tears) by Sainsbury’s emotional tribute to the Christmas day treaty, where solider on the Front line stopped the war for a day to play a match of football.

Each year the budget and expectations grow but will John Lewis stay on top once again for Winter 2015. I guess we will have to find out.

But one thing we can be certain of, is that John Lewis has some great dresses to choose from for those Christmas parties! Click here to have a peak!


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