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The Best Maternity Dresses For Every Occasion

Who says you can’t look your best when your pregnant! Just because your body is changing does not mean you have to let go of your personal style.

You will be pleased to discover that we have found the best maternity dresses for every occasion. Meaning comfort and fashion can now go hand in hand. We have picked the very best of the bunch for all occasions, no matter your budget.

The Very Best Of The Casual Dresses For Under £35

The Brand: Mama Licious

The Webshop: Zalando

The Price: Under £35

Cheap Casual Maternity Dresses

Jersey Dress £ 26.00 Summer Dress Now £ 33.75 Grey Jersey Dress £ 28.00 Peach Summer Dress Now £ 32.80

The Very Best Of The Maxi Dresses For Under £30

The Brands: Mama Licious, Asos Maternity, Asos Maternity & Nursing

The Webshop: Asos

The Price: Under £30

Cheap Maxi Dresses

Floral Print Maxi Dress Now £ 24.50 Fluted Maxi Dress Now £ 14.00 Maxi Dress Now £ 27.50 Nursing Strappy Maxi Dress Now £ 21.00

The Very Best Of The LBD Dresses For Under £70

The Brands: Noppies, Esprit Maternity, Mom2Mom, Mama Licious

The Webshop: Zalando

The Price: Under £70

Black Maternity Dresses For All Occasions

Cocktail Dress Now £ 65.00 Black Long Sleeved Dress £ 70.00 Black Dress Now £ 44.00 Mary Cocktail Dress £ 45.00

The Very Best Of The Party Dresses For Under £45

The Brands: Little Mistress, Asos Maternity, Isabella Oliver

The Webshop: Asos

The Price: Under £45

Maternity Dresses For Black Tie Events

One Shoulder Bodycon Dress Now £ 45.00 Plunge Neck Dress Now £ 18.00 Kimono Maxi Dress Now £ 42.00 Scuba Midi Dress Now £ 22.00

So ladies, it’s fair to say that with a choice like this, there is no reason you can’t dress in your usual style. No matter the occasion or your budget, there is certainly something to suit your needs!




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How To: Dress For A Date

So, you’re off on a date! Twit Twoo! The key to dressing well for a date, is to be yourself! Saying that, first impressions count. Remember though ladies, the first impression should be true to how you actually are and really like to dress.

There is not point dressing up in a totally different style then what you would usually. All that would do is confuse you and your date later on (if your date is a success that is!)

Perfect Date Dresses

Vila Utility Dress £ 35.00 Love Long Sleeved Dress £ 35.00 Selected Seemless Slip Dress £ 25.00

These three dresses are hands down winners in our eyes! Being sexy BUT in a subtle way is important in how you come across. That’s why a long sleeved mini dress could be a great option (oh and then you don’t have to worry about a cover-up.)

We love this silky vila nummer, with it’s cinched in waist it shows of your shape but doesn’t cling to much and gives your silhouette an elegant sex appeal. We thought it was only right to include a red dress in our choice. Why? Well, other than being the colour of love, it is proven to be attractive to the opposite sex. Oh la la!

Things worth considering are;

Are you meeting straight from work?
Where will you be going?
How do you want to come across?

Date dresses

Tall Skater Dresses Now £ 50.00 Scalloped Edge Dress Now £ 14.00 BCBGeneration Double Layered Dress Now £ 57.00

We can’t stress it enough how important it is to be yourself! Yes, it is tricky even as “yourself” to know what to wear on a normal night out, let alone a date.

Take a deep breath. Now then, off you pop!

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How To: Dress For An Interview

You got an interview! But after the initial excitement your brain turns to other more pressing matters…what to wear!

This is one of those wardrobe dilemas we all face at some point or other in our career. How on earth should you dress for an interview? First things first ladies, bare in mind they called you for an interview due to your experience and qualifications and that you are a genuine candidate for the role (they did not select you for what you wear (well, as a general rule!)

Having said all of the above, a good first impression is key. Giving your potential employer an idea of your character comes across in how you dress for an interview.

If you uncertain about what to wear (and that’s totally normal, by the way) then it is always a good idea to opt for a classic LBD (not the sexy sort of course!)

Interview dresses

Vero Moda 3/4 sleeve Dress Now £ 15.00 Sisley Bodycon Dress £ 55.00

When dressing for an interview, there are several factors well worth taking into consideration;

What kind of company is it?
Who will be interviewing you?
What is the position?

The best interview dresses

Dress by Planet Now £ 49.00 Tweed Dress by Gina Bocconi Now £ 80.00 Tailored Dress by Karen Millen £ 160.00


Everyone knows that you would make more of an effort for an interview, so it would be fair to say then, that if someone does not make an effort and turns up scruffy then it gives the impression they do not care. Regardless of if that is true. First impressions count. So therefore your outfit is important.


Look smart
Look like you
Take an extra pair of tights with you
Check the weather before you leave.


Drink too much coffee before
Leave late and then rush
Eat smelly foods the night before or on the way


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How To: Find Your Perfect Dress

Ladies, fear not, it is not impossible to find your perfect dress. We don’t mean perfect Wedding dress. Nope. We mean your perfect fitting dress. A dress that fits you unlike any other. That flatters your every curve and smooths over every bump (imaginary or not!) 

It doesn’t matter what the occasion or reason for this dress is, there is one principle to base your search on, the style. 

Dash to your desk – 12 hours left of our Friday Flash Sale.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthew Williamson (@matthewwilliamson) op

Once you have nailed what style suits your body type then it’s game, set, match. 

Where to begin the search to find your perfect dress?

Athletic and Narrow

Are you a straight up and down kinda frame and often find yourself fretting when it comes to finding something girly to flatter your figure? Well then, there is no need. To suit your frame, you can pretty much have your pick of the bunch when it comes to dresses.

The thing to focus on is the things that make a dress sexy. Show off what you love most about yourself. As you don’t have to worry about being wider in places, then why not take full advantage and go for a backless dress or a sleeveless style (which are often high-necked) and will exaggerate your chest. After all, you can get away with it!

Wide Shoulders and Skinny hips

Find yourself stressing about being wider up top? There is no need! You can easily turn this into your best feature, by going for a sexy plunging neckline or halter style. If you want to create the illusion of wider hips, giving you that sexy “s” shape, then that is easily done in a skater style dress.

AND not to mention you are in excellent company. Having this bodyshape means you are amongst the likes of supermodel Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen and Naomi Campbell.

Big booty

Feed up with being told that a big booty is in fact great and you beg to differ? Well, there are two options here. Embrace it and go for a bodycon style, which will show off your womanly curves. Or why not try a long sleeved dress with a “v” neck. The wrap dress is always a winner here!

Another Letterman look! I was soooo skinny!

Een foto die is geplaatst door Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) op

Take a leaf out of Kim’s book and rock the one-shoulder dress, it is the perfect style and will flatter and accentuate your curves in all the right places.


If you are a perfect hourglass figure then show it off! We love an off the shoulder style dress or a strapless number is easy for you to carry off!

or take a leaf out of Beyonce’s book and go full on, with a plunging neckline in the form of a wrap dress. Perfection.

Teeny Tiny Waist

Lucky you! If you have a tiny waist then the perfect style for you is a skater style, to show of those curves and create an incredibly feminine silhouette. Saying that, you will also look tip top in Bodycon!

Long Legs

If you’re a bit of a legs eleven then go mini or for a style dress with a high waist, which will exaggerate your lovely long legs and make you red carpet ready!

Cute little dress and leopard print clutch from my new @shopmatalan available now 😘

Een foto die is geplaatst door Abbey Clancy (@abbeyclancyofficial) op

We hope to have helped you in the quest to find your perfect dress!

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How To Dress For The Office Christmas Party

The question that crosses many of our minds around this time of year, how to dress for the Office Christmas Party? How should you dress for such an event? It happens every year, yes, but still each year around this time we flood into panic (some more than others!) and wonder what an earth we should wear!

It is worth considering what type of party your office party will in fact be. If your Christmas party is a simple office drinks after work, then perhaps your choice of outfit should differ than if it were a three course extravaganza with all the trimmings? 


In the event of a day-to-night emergency party outfit, opt for a classic style fit, such as the Pencil dress. The Pencil style is the perfect choice for the office. Why? The style is both chic and flattering and importantly, a good canvas to base your party outfit on.

The perfect style for the office party

French Connection Tania Tuck Bodycon Dress £ 75.00 (more dresses from French Connection) Ted Baker Dardee Embellished Midi Dress £ 179.00 (more from Ted Baker) Jaeger Lapel Dress £ 225.00 (more from Jaeger)

It may be an idea then to choose a colour that is more subtle (well, more subtle than say, fushia pink), so that you can transform your look into a party-worthy sensation! These three dresses (see above) are the perfect choice for this option, by being slightly more conservative in length, this makes them the perfect choice for during work hours.

TIP: By swapping your usual office heels or pumps for a pair of strappy sandals, you will immediately transform your look. Making your colleagues wonder where on earth that pair of pins came from!


What is it about Christmas time that makes us crave a bit of luxury? Well then, why not indulge a little. It’s the fine touches that make the dress and these three dresses from John Lewis are just what we were looking for!

Office Party dresses

Jaeger Lace Dress £ 150.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Red £ 140.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Black £ 140.00


The beautiful thing about these dresses, other than the classic and easy to wear style, is that because of the lace detail the accessories can get away with being more subtle. Which means these dresses can carry off simple understated heels with ease and you will still look chic, without having to crank up the glamour dial too much. Ideal. 


Bruce by Bruce Oldfield Velvet Pane £ 199.00 French Connection Cocktail dress £ 85.00 Karen Millen Gothic Long Sleeve Dress £ 235.00

These lovelies will be sure to turn heads, in the best possible way! How could you not be captivated by those yummy velvet panels and sheer delicate details.


Winter wonderland office party

Frock and Frill Occasion wear grey Now £ 148.00 NAF NAF FLAVIA Jersey dress Now £ 44.00 Laona Cocktail dress Now £ 96.00

During the winter months it can be easy just to stick with darker colours. If you feel like your stuck in a rut and fancy trying something new and fresh? Why not try a lighter colour. Dusky grey, cream or nude toned dress could be a great alternative for you.

The dresses we have chosen for you above are girly and cute but still appropriate for such an event as the office party. They are soft and delicate and the beautiful detail makes them that something special you could be looking for!






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