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Dress like Cara Delevingne: But look like you

Door Emi Baldwin - Tuesday 07 July 2015 | 13:36

How to dress like Cara Delevingne

Recently we are seeing more and more in the news about British supermodel Cara Delevingne and how she is quitting modeling…again. But why? Cara has always been outspoken about her dislike for the industry and her honestly ironically has made her even more wanted by designers and those pulling the strings in the industry itself. 

But what is we love so much about her? Her care free, give a s*** attitude and her style. So we thought it only right that we introduce a little Cara style to you and your wardrobe. The key though here is, that although Cara’s personal style is something to be admired and definitely worth taking inspiration from, it is not to be copied. Why? Well, in an ironic twist, what Cara stands for is individuality. She was quoted as saying “Everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be”. So whilst taking inspiration and following a few simple style rules is fine, you should stay true to your own style and be yourself.

Cara Delevingne Street Style in a Nutshell

Choose pretty dresses, that are strappy and elegant but in prints such as tartan. Think about textures and layering. Layer a T-Shirt over if it is a little colder out or just for a different look. There are so many t-shirts out there with slogans and messages on, there is pretty much something to suit every mood and express what you are feeling.

Cara Delevinge Street Style Tartan

Adidas Originals Stripe Beanie £15.00 Finders Keepers Dress Now £32.50 Eleven Paris T-Shirt £45.00

Consider adding even more tartan to your look and head to a vintage shop to find a big baggy tartan shirt. A tartan shirt is multi-functional, if it’s big enough, wear it as a dress teamed with biker boots or your white converse OR just wear it around your waist to create more layers to your look.

Cara's Street Style

A.S98 Boots£105.00, Quay Australia Sunglasses £27.00, Tartan Oversized Scarf £20.00

The Wish List

– Tartan in ANY form

– Black angle boots, awesome trainers or converse

– Beanie and statement sunnies

– Strappy little dress

– Basic T-Shirt with something magical, awesome or rude on it

If you are after a more glossy look for a special event but again with a little Cara attitude then check out some of our fav dresses and draw a little inspiration from there…

Cara’s Best Dresses

1. The Dark Side

We all have a dark side and why not show that off in a sultry black number. Here is a good example of  a classic black dress with attitude. Cara somehow makes it look cool with a rock nobility edge. Get your hands on a black dress here.

The secret to this is;

– plunging neckline

– studs

– lace (for a subtle gothic feel)

– lots of smoky eye make-up and of course grab that red lippy!

2. The Gold Edition

Cara manages to make a glitzy number look cute but with a rock edgy feel. How?

– leather biker boots

– a big chunky belt

– statement accessories

Also fancy getting your hands on a gold dress? Then click here or maybe try out our silver dresses too

3. Lets Get Tarted Up…AGAIN

So remember, clash your prints like Cara to keep your style individual. Sling a tartan shirt around your waist for a “I just threw this on” look.

The secret to this look is;

– a beanie

– oh yeah…and those black angle boots again! They tie the whole outfit together, keeping it understated and laid-back.

The secret is ladies, just do like Cara does and don’t give a s***, have fun and yeah…that’s it! The most important fashion accessory is ATTITUDE and don’t forget it!


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