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In Love With Bohemia: A Dress Love Story

Door Emi Baldwin - Tuesday 18 August 2015 | 13:19

With the new BBC2 series “Life in Squares” in full swing, the new wave of bohemian could not come at a better time. This bohemian romance ticks all the boxes when it comes to AW15 trends, namely long flowing lengths and luxurious fabrics.

The Bohemian movement first came about here in the UK in the first part of the 20th century. The group consisted of  influential English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists. Amongst them was the writer and poet Virginia Woolf. The group became known as the The Bloomsbury Set because they all worked or studied in Bloomsbury, London. Makes sense…

This time the bohemian trend has been spiced up with the 70s folk vibe that we’ve been loving all summer. Introducing the new era bohemian…

There are some great brands that are just bursting with bohemian inspired goodness. Check out Free People and fall in love with long flowing fabrics and florals that will make you weak at the knees.

What you need to be a New-era Bohemian;

– 1 dress, made from chiffon, silk or another floaty fabric that billows in the wind

– a dash of lace or some gorgeous sheer thingy that you can fling about when quoting Oscar Wilde

– an artistic flare

– and an open-mind

The perfect accessory for the modern Bohemian;

– a espresso coffee

– riveting conversation

– something made of lace

The Best of the Bohemian bunch;


Maxi dress by Glamorous Now £ 38.50


Maxi dress by Free People Now £ 69.00


Dress by One Teaspoon £ 98.00

The bohemian movement and style was and IS all about decadence. Bohemia is defined by flamboyancy, artistic flare and freedom. One designer to watch at the movement is designer Matthew Williamson, his intricate and beautifully detailed patterns have A-listers and us totally captivated.

A perfect Positano brunch with @poppydelevingne looking gorgeous in my favourite dress from MW2004.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthew Williamson (@matthewwilliamson) op

Family favourites. #LenAndJen

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthew Williamson (@matthewwilliamson) op


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