The Most Beautiful Dresses From Quiz

Here at we have fallen head over heels in love with the brand Quiz. Lucky for us, we now have two Webshops on our site that sell this beautiful brand!

We love, love, love this brand and how fun it is and we can’t help but feel rather smug that it was born right here in the UK! Nice one! So, to give you just a little taster (teaser), we found this gem of a dress below!! Oh and long story short, we are now hooked!!

Velvet Luxe

Een foto die is geplaatst door QUIZ (@quizclothinguk) op

So, like what you see? Same here! That’s why here at MyDress we have picked out our top dresses from the brand.

We hope that from the selection we have chosen there is something for everyone. But if that isn’t the case, then check out the Quiz brand page itself.

Quiz dressesQuiz Black Brillo Bardot Maxi Dress £ 44.99 Quiz Black Chiffon Maxi Dress Now £ 59.99 Quiz Black Chiffon Cut Out Dress Now £ 49.99

What we love most about Quiz dresses is there stunning collection of cocktail, going-out and evening dresses. And what is even better, is the dresses are affordable! At long last ladies, we have a brand that ticks both those essential boxes. Coctail-dresses-from-Quiz

Quiz Brillo Leaf Print Bardot Dress £ 24.99 Quiz Black Double Peplum Bodycon £ 24.99 Navy Velvet Sequin Dress Now £ 19.99

The brand which can be found at House of Fraser and John Lewis just screams fun, with a huge selection of cocktail dresses covered in the glitz, you will surely find something extra special for your party, Black-Tie event or graduation.

🎀 #Party hair 🎀

Een foto die is geplaatst door QUIZ (@quizclothinguk) op

Follow them on Instagram for inspiration, the latest collections and find out which UK fashion bloggers are wearing their dresses!

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The most unusual trend so far…

Yes, you heard us right. Honestly after reading this, you will be both puzzled and fascinated. Well, one thing is clear, that the most interesting inspiration for a collection has certainly been won by brand Erdem London.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the collection. The romantic florals, tumbling layers of chiffon, high necks and extravagant use of bows, what’s there not to love? Perhaps we should share a little back story…Could this be the most unusual trend so far?

❤️Alexa @chungalexa Last night @britishfashioncouncil

Een foto die door erdemlondon is geplaatst op

It would appear even Alexa Chung is on board with this trend. The slightly folk inspired trend is the perfect blend of fresh fair weather flowers and darker winter colours. If you think this trend resembles something of Little House on the Prairie? Then you would be right. It does.

If you are to read the idea behind Erdem London’s 2016 collection, it will soon become clear that the idea is both of romantic and unsettling nature. The first thing that springs to mind is Wuthering Heights. Nope, not just the song by Kate Bush!

The whole theme is very wild and raw, which suits the collection. But reading the back story to Erdem London’s collection was at first somewhat puzzling. When we first saw that this trend was based on a deadly fever, we were to say the least, a little shocked. We think this could be the most unusual trend so far…

The story behind Erdem London’s collection is based on the emigrants that were pushed into moving into the great open plains of the West of America. Alone and far away from civilization, they would cling to their sanity, but often driving them to destruction. This became known as “Prairie Madness”. Which is exactly what Erdem London have based their 2016 collection on.

Although we can see where the idea has come from, we think you’ll agree that the finished product (although coming from unusual roots) is something really quite special. And if it’s good enough for fashion royalty, such as Alexa Chung, then it’s good enough for us!

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Should You Wear Velvet This Christmas?!

Should you wear velvet this Christmas? The answer – yes! Velvet is the perfect festive choice for the season and right now it is bang on trend! This luxurious fabric not only looks great but feels so good!

It is quite obvious by now that velvet is one of the fabrics of the season. Yes, velvet generally gets a bit more of a look in around this time of year. But this year, more than ever, velvet has made a come back. 

What we love about velvet is that it has a sort of nostalgia attached to it. But in that super cool vintage way. Make no mistake this yummy touchable fabric is here to be embraced for the winter months!

Velvet Dresses


Monki High Neck Velvet Dress £ 25.00 Antipodium Chaucer Dress Now £ 144.00 ASOS Blouson Sleeve Velvet Dress Now £ 36.00

So, that being said, should you wear velvet this Christmas? Ladies, it’s time to find you the perfect velvet dress for this winter!

Whether you are looking for a velvet dress that is casual enough to wear in the daytime with your leather boots or if you are after something for a party or evening do, then you need to check out these velvety lovelies!

velvet dresses for the winter and Christmas parties

Jaded London Velvet Mini Dress £ 48.00 Lost Ink Plunge Neck Dress £ 42.00 Love Grey Velvet Strap Dress Now £ 20.00  Club L Plus Size Aysemmetric Wrap Dress Now £ 22.00





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How To Dress For The Office Christmas Party

The question that crosses many of our minds around this time of year, how to dress for the Office Christmas Party? How should you dress for such an event? It happens every year, yes, but still each year around this time we flood into panic (some more than others!) and wonder what an earth we should wear!

It is worth considering what type of party your office party will in fact be. If your Christmas party is a simple office drinks after work, then perhaps your choice of outfit should differ than if it were a three course extravaganza with all the trimmings? 


In the event of a day-to-night emergency party outfit, opt for a classic style fit, such as the Pencil dress. The Pencil style is the perfect choice for the office. Why? The style is both chic and flattering and importantly, a good canvas to base your party outfit on.

The perfect style for the office party

French Connection Tania Tuck Bodycon Dress £ 75.00 (more dresses from French Connection) Ted Baker Dardee Embellished Midi Dress £ 179.00 (more from Ted Baker) Jaeger Lapel Dress £ 225.00 (more from Jaeger)

It may be an idea then to choose a colour that is more subtle (well, more subtle than say, fushia pink), so that you can transform your look into a party-worthy sensation! These three dresses (see above) are the perfect choice for this option, by being slightly more conservative in length, this makes them the perfect choice for during work hours.

TIP: By swapping your usual office heels or pumps for a pair of strappy sandals, you will immediately transform your look. Making your colleagues wonder where on earth that pair of pins came from!


What is it about Christmas time that makes us crave a bit of luxury? Well then, why not indulge a little. It’s the fine touches that make the dress and these three dresses from John Lewis are just what we were looking for!

Office Party dresses

Jaeger Lace Dress £ 150.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Red £ 140.00 Adrianna Papell Dress in Black £ 140.00


The beautiful thing about these dresses, other than the classic and easy to wear style, is that because of the lace detail the accessories can get away with being more subtle. Which means these dresses can carry off simple understated heels with ease and you will still look chic, without having to crank up the glamour dial too much. Ideal. 


Bruce by Bruce Oldfield Velvet Pane £ 199.00 French Connection Cocktail dress £ 85.00 Karen Millen Gothic Long Sleeve Dress £ 235.00

These lovelies will be sure to turn heads, in the best possible way! How could you not be captivated by those yummy velvet panels and sheer delicate details.


Winter wonderland office party

Frock and Frill Occasion wear grey Now £ 148.00 NAF NAF FLAVIA Jersey dress Now £ 44.00 Laona Cocktail dress Now £ 96.00

During the winter months it can be easy just to stick with darker colours. If you feel like your stuck in a rut and fancy trying something new and fresh? Why not try a lighter colour. Dusky grey, cream or nude toned dress could be a great alternative for you.

The dresses we have chosen for you above are girly and cute but still appropriate for such an event as the office party. They are soft and delicate and the beautiful detail makes them that something special you could be looking for!






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The Office Christmas Party Commandments

Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s time to start thinking about the office Christmas do! But let’s not forget although this is a time to have fun and socialise with your colleagues.

But it is also worth thinking about how you dress, oh yeah and of course being on your best behaviour is kinda important on this one!!

The Do’s and Don’ts of the office Christmas Party


Office Christmas Party

Love Moschino Dress With Split £ 190.00 True Decadence Tall £ 45.00 Minimum Long Sleeve Metallic Bodycon Dress NOW £25.00

1/ Have fun – enjoy spending time with your colleagues outside of a working environment.

2/ Think about your outfit in advance – making an effort is important.

3/ Take a light cover-up with you – just in case the venue is a bit nippy or in the worse case scenario, to avoid feeling under dressed.

4/ Do dress to impress – this is the time to add a little sparkle or some strappy heels, embrace the fact you can wear what you wouldn’t usually wear to work.

5/ Do mingle – make an effort to chat to everyone and not leave anyone out, after all it’s Christmas. 

6/ Do put away your phone – be polite and turn your phone on silent, checking it only in private and NOT cruising on social media.

7/ Do look like yourself – but switch it up a notch!!


1/ Don’t get too drunk (like poor Bridget did in the image above!)- over indulging in alcohol is not a good idea. It’s just not. 

2/ Don’t wear something too itsy-bitsy or too revealing – this is not the time to be sexy.

3/ Don’t Wear too high-heels – you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or fall over…

4/ Don’t trap people in long conversations – keep the conversation light, this is not the time to get political.

5/ Don’t gossip or make nasty comments!! – no one likes a meany!

6/ Don’t wear too flashy colours (a classic LBD is always a winner) and certainly don’t go for over-the-top sequins! – dress a little more conservative than a party outside of work. But if you do like a bit of gold or silver (after all it is Christmas) then that’s ok too. 

Stay tuned to find out how to dress for the office Christmas Party! But remember to follow the office Christmas party commandments to avoid awkward situations and tears. 


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