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How To: Dress For An Interview

You got an interview! But after the initial excitement your brain turns to other more pressing matters…what to wear!

This is one of those wardrobe dilemas we all face at some point or other in our career. How on earth should you dress for an interview? First things first ladies, bare in mind they called you for an interview due to your experience and qualifications and that you are a genuine candidate for the role (they did not select you for what you wear (well, as a general rule!)

Having said all of the above, a good first impression is key. Giving your potential employer an idea of your character comes across in how you dress for an interview.

If you uncertain about what to wear (and that’s totally normal, by the way) then it is always a good idea to opt for a classic LBD (not the sexy sort of course!)

Interview dresses

Vero Moda 3/4 sleeve Dress Now £ 15.00 Sisley Bodycon Dress £ 55.00

When dressing for an interview, there are several factors well worth taking into consideration;

What kind of company is it?
Who will be interviewing you?
What is the position?

The best interview dresses

Dress by Planet Now £ 49.00 Tweed Dress by Gina Bocconi Now £ 80.00 Tailored Dress by Karen Millen £ 160.00


Everyone knows that you would make more of an effort for an interview, so it would be fair to say then, that if someone does not make an effort and turns up scruffy then it gives the impression they do not care. Regardless of if that is true. First impressions count. So therefore your outfit is important.


Look smart
Look like you
Take an extra pair of tights with you
Check the weather before you leave.


Drink too much coffee before
Leave late and then rush
Eat smelly foods the night before or on the way


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How to dress for the office in summer

Dressing for the office can often be tricky, especially during the unpredictable British summer months. One moment it’s pouring with rain, the next a hot Indian heatwave. As tempting as it is to turn up in yeah comfy shorts and flip flops or on those colder days jeans and a slouchy jumper…don’t! Think again. There are just a few key things to remember when putting together your work wardrobe and of course learning to resist the urge not too care first thing in the morning. We sympathise. Honestly, deciding on how to dress for the office doesn’t have to be as tricky as we first thought. 

1. The Fit

Less is more! This could not be more true, especially when you need to dress for the office. Remember that although we want to look good, comfort here is key when you are sitting in front of a computer for hours on end.

loose fitting – flowing silhouettes – minimal – Scandinavian Chic

The perfect fit work dresses

Karen Millen £ 145.00 Alice & UO Half Moon Now £ 18.00 Label Lab Now £ 20.50

2. The Fabric

Good fabrics to choose are natural fabrics such as, wool, linen, cotton and silk or a mixture of these. You may end up spending slightly more…but trust us if you invest in good quality fabrics then not only will they last longer but they will keep you cool when it’s hot out and keep you warm when it’s cold out. There is a reason why they are more expensive!

Natural fabrics – no man made funny business – cotton – silk – wool – linen

3. Layers

the perfect cover up  for the office dress

Whistles Layered Silk and Knit Jumper £130.00 Cape Swing Cape £30.00 Sisley Cardigan £37.00

Think layers, lots of thin layers that can easily be removed if you get too hot. The beautiful thing about layers is as well, is that you can add and take off depending on the weather, temperature in the office and still feel comfortable. By adding a high neck jumper you can give your outfit a  more preppy look, just as a cute cardigan with lace trim (such as the one above) can give an elegant yet girly edge.

The Layers Wish list – a cute camisole – a sheer cardigan – a chunkier jumper – a elegant scarf

4. Opt for a Denim jacket. Suede and Leather are a no-go.

For that perfect after-office chilled look or casual Fridays add a denim jacket. Combined with your cute dress this will create the perfect outfit to pop to the pub garden for after work drinks. For those cooler nights why not try adding a poncho or cape style cover -up.

5. Choose a neutral palette as your canvas

Dress for the office in neutral colours. If you choose your work wardrobe based on neutral tones, this will make it a lot easier to dress for the office and therefore far easier to mix and match. Taking the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. You could even try laying out your outfit the night before, saving those precious morning minutes.

The perfect base colours for your outfit – Navy, Grey, White, Black, Tan

– for example if you choose a cream blouse, then this can easily be replaced with a cream cami or a cream chunky knit or t-shirt depending on the weather. Sound good? Yeah, we thought so too!

The perfect colours for your accessories – red, purple, turquoise, yellow

Simply work on your outfit with accessories. This is an easy way to transform any outfit and if you use bold but complimentary colours that will highlight your outfit and take your look from day to night, smart to casual. By keeping your work wardrobe neutral and your accessories bold, you can have a lot more fun with investing in key season pieces that will always compliment your look.

The perfect fit & shade

Ray-Ban ERIKA Sunglasses £100.00 Tommy Hilfiger Now £73.50 Red Quay Sunglasses £36.00 Yellow Handbag £105.00



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What To Wear To The Races

What to wear to The Races

That time of the year is here again, summer is upon us, the sun is shining, hopefully…place your bets now. But the question still remains, “What to wear to The Races?”. Here at MyDress we can’t deny that we love an excuse to get glammed up and slip on our summer dresses, show a little leg and well get out in that summer sun. The Races is a great excuse to do just that, embrace everything about it, get your “hair did”, “nails did” and get your hands on that perfect dress.

Here in the UK we have a huge amount of Races going on all the way through the spring and summer and at different races courses, all different in event style. So, it’s important to dress accordingly. Don’t freak out, we are here to help with that part…

Essential Tips: What to wear to the races? 

Take a handbag that’s big enough to put your race cards, tickets, lippy and sunglasses in. But not so big that it gets in the way. Perhaps a bag that can be worn over the body is a savvy choice.

Wear heels BUT not too crazy high

There is a lot of walking involved and Lingfield Races even have a concert after and you’ll be wanting to dance. Take a small pair of pumps is also an option or wedges could be wise choice.

Take a jacket or coat that is has beautiful as your dress.

The reason? Well, although we all have our fingers crossed for gorgeous sunshine the whole summer through…it might not happen…and so this way, if your coat is flattering, then you will look fab the whole day and there’s no need to freeze! Good options are tie-waist coats, such as a trench coat style or a classic evening coat with rounded, soft shoulders. You could also opt for a more structured blazer to add some definition to your outfit.

Do I have to wear a hat or a headpiece?

No, it is not compulsory to wear a hat to certain race course. But, saying that, for Ladies Day you must wear a hat!! Check out The Hat Club London for tips and yes…rules on this extravagant occasion.

It could be handy to check out the main events going on (for all you fair weather racegoers). One of the biggest events that combines the races and fashion is, of course, Ascot “Ladies Day”.

 Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

This has to be one of the biggest events in our social and racing calendar and if it isn’t in yours yet, then it should be! Pencil it in, right now, we’ll wait.

If you want to make an impression at Ladies day, you have to think a outside the box and you absolutely must wear a hat or some kind of spectacular head piece, like these racegoers did…here are some of the weird, the wonderful and the actually quite crazy hats last year’s Ladies Day saw.

Unfortunately in recent years, some racegoers have turned up in novelty outfits and fancy dress and slightly taken “the need to make a statement” to the max and not in the way Ladies day was intended for. This means that the organisers have now set some fashion rules, so it might be helpful therefore to check out the guidelines.

The Classic Race Day Dress

Some great brands for more classic dresses are; Karen Millen, Elise Ryan and Ted Baker, which has some great printed dresses.

What Dress to wear?

Please, please, please make sure that you check the dress code on the race course site. Some race events are more casual and will allow strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. BUT some, such as, Ascot, will not! To avoid disappointment make sure you check the guidelines before buying your dress.

What to wear to The Races

When choosing the colour of your perfect Race Day Dress, decide on what look you are going for. This is one occasion were you really can have fun with the “matchy matchy” cliche of times gone by. Shopping for your perfect race outfit is similar to shopping for a wedding, except you don’t have to worry about outshining the bride.


The weather is ever changing here in the UK, so think about layers or Maxi dresses

Where you will be…in a private box or walking around? Think about your shoes and your poor feet!

Hair (and again the weather) BE PREPARED

Last thing…promise!

Enjoy yourself! Don’t panic too much on what to wear to the races. Nothing will go better with your stunning outfit than a smile (cheesy as it sounds!)









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The Denim Dress Edit: find your perfect fit

The Denim Dress Edit

The 90’s are back! That means dungarees and denim galore! Denim is not just for jeans and should no longer be lurking at the back of your wardrobes for casual weekends, that’s right there is a world of endless “denim-tastic” possibilities out there!

 We saw celebrities, such as Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton, proudly wearing their dungarees and now it’s time to get our denim on…about time too! And because of this happy denim explosion, this means that lucky for us there is a HUGE variety of styles, prices and yes…colours to choose from, so you can find your perfect fit of denim dress. So ladies, that being said, it’s time to find your perfect denim dress look. 

The Denim Shirt Dress (WITH a waist)

The denim shirt dress

This is the perfect style for a more chic look. It has all the charm of being a casual denim dress, but can be dressed up or down to suit the mood. The cinched waist means it is flattering and draws the eye attention inwards. A perfect choice for casual Fridays at the office, still chic but in a more laid-back way, just the way it should be.

Tip: We are loving this Karen Millen denim number, which is the perfect transition piece for your wardrobe and embodies this trend down to a tee. Also Diesel have hit the nail on the head with this great tie waist dress and super flattering sleeve. 

The Dungarees Denim Dress

Denim Dungarees Dresses

This is a more playful denim dress look and really a nod to the 90’s at it’s best. It can be girly when teamed with a pretty blouse or chilled with a slouchy jumper or t-shirt. Go for a white t-shirt for a fresh everyday style.

Tip: Check out this gorgeous Topshop dress and it’s only £ 32 !! and for a more vinatge take on the dungarees dress, Urban Renewal and MinkPink has just what your looking for!

The Boyfriend Denim Dress

The Boyfriend Denim Dress

 So many options with this one, but again the idea is that you shouldn’t look like you have tried and well actually you don’t need to with this style. It really is the best possible style and it gives that “Oh this? I just threw it on” look and yep…you did, but with flare. The key with this trend is because of it’s looser silhouette, it is essential that you make up for it with being girly in other aspects of your outfit. This style is best when kept minimal. Minimal, fresh make-up, statement jewelry, a bright colourful bag, statement shoes or chuck on your trainers. Wear the collar on your denim dress done right up, all neat and tidy for a preppy look or undo a couple of cheeky buttons and layer a plain top underneath.

Tip: Shirt style dresses, such as, this one by s.Oliver denim dress is a great versatile choice, that will see you through all the seasons, come rain or shine. But if you fancy saving a bit of extra cash, then Vero Moda have got it spot on!

The Designer Denim Dress

Designer Denim Dresses

 If you haven’t noticed yet, then you will pleased to hear that denim got a makeover, with brands, like Vivienne Westwood giving us more than just the standard. But then let’s be honest when did that ever happen. Pops of colour, patterns, washes and embroidery…anything is possible. Think outside the box.

Tip: Still want to make an impact, but at less than half the price? Then it’s worth taking a peek at this Noisy May denim dress and this Paramita denim dress.

 Tip: Undo your denim dress completely…wait for it..and wear it as a jacket…now that’s 90’s. 



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