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The Best Maternity Dresses For Every Occasion

Who says you can’t look your best when your pregnant! Just because your body is changing does not mean you have to let go of your personal style.

You will be pleased to discover that we have found the best maternity dresses for every occasion. Meaning comfort and fashion can now go hand in hand. We have picked the very best of the bunch for all occasions, no matter your budget.

The Very Best Of The Casual Dresses For Under £35

The Brand: Mama Licious

The Webshop: Zalando

The Price: Under £35

Cheap Casual Maternity Dresses

Jersey Dress £ 26.00 Summer Dress Now £ 33.75 Grey Jersey Dress £ 28.00 Peach Summer Dress Now £ 32.80

The Very Best Of The Maxi Dresses For Under £30

The Brands: Mama Licious, Asos Maternity, Asos Maternity & Nursing

The Webshop: Asos

The Price: Under £30

Cheap Maxi Dresses

Floral Print Maxi Dress Now £ 24.50 Fluted Maxi Dress Now £ 14.00 Maxi Dress Now £ 27.50 Nursing Strappy Maxi Dress Now £ 21.00

The Very Best Of The LBD Dresses For Under £70

The Brands: Noppies, Esprit Maternity, Mom2Mom, Mama Licious

The Webshop: Zalando

The Price: Under £70

Black Maternity Dresses For All Occasions

Cocktail Dress Now £ 65.00 Black Long Sleeved Dress £ 70.00 Black Dress Now £ 44.00 Mary Cocktail Dress £ 45.00

The Very Best Of The Party Dresses For Under £45

The Brands: Little Mistress, Asos Maternity, Isabella Oliver

The Webshop: Asos

The Price: Under £45

Maternity Dresses For Black Tie Events

One Shoulder Bodycon Dress Now £ 45.00 Plunge Neck Dress Now £ 18.00 Kimono Maxi Dress Now £ 42.00 Scuba Midi Dress Now £ 22.00

So ladies, it’s fair to say that with a choice like this, there is no reason you can’t dress in your usual style. No matter the occasion or your budget, there is certainly something to suit your needs!




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Perfect maternity dresses in 3 simple steps

Stylish Maternity Dresses

Shopping for maternity dresses and dressing your bump in style can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be ladies! Nowadays we are totally spoilt for choice, with high-street brands creating their own maternity lines and that’s not to mention that there are even brands that specialise in maternity wear & maternity dresses, such as, Mama-Licious, Belly Button and Asos Maternity

Keep your personal style

Dress yourself and not just your bump, yes it is important to feel comfortable but part of feeling comfortable is looking like yourself and feeling good, right? So when it comes to choosing your maternity wardrobe think about what you want to wear, not just what you “should” wear or are “expected” to wear. You are not expected to wear anything you don’t want to. It’s your body, your style and therefore your rules. Be bold, be yourself!

Be bold & keep your personal style


Keep it simple & have fun with accessories

Now, there is one thing for sure, accessories will fit all the way through your pregnancy. So investing in accessories is really a good idea, it can really transform your whole outfit. So be sure to have fun with this! Consider basic t-shirt dresses in neutral and easy to wear colours, such as, black, blue and nude. This means the same dress can be used for pretty much every occasion, event and reason. Of course this way it is also easy to layer over and accessorise.

Maternity Maxi Dresses

Invest in Casual Dresses & Maxi dresses

Yes ladies, you heard us right! Maternity dresses can also be trendy and flattering, so investing in some basic maternity dresses is key to a smooth and fashionable maternity look. Get colourful! Go for feminine prints,and florals. Think about styles that suit your new shape (and boobs!), perhaps it’s worth trying out a halter neck style or a backless maxi dress can also be very feminine without showing too much cleavage.

Where to buy your perfect Maternity dresses?!

Well that’s even easier, here at we have created a whole Maternity dresses category to make that search even easier!

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