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In Love With Bohemia: A Dress Love Story

With the new BBC2 series “Life in Squares” in full swing, the new wave of bohemian could not come at a better time. This bohemian romance ticks all the boxes when it comes to AW15 trends, namely long flowing lengths and luxurious fabrics.

The Bohemian movement first came about here in the UK in the first part of the 20th century. The group consisted of  influential English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists. Amongst them was the writer and poet Virginia Woolf. The group became known as the The Bloomsbury Set because they all worked or studied in Bloomsbury, London. Makes sense…

This time the bohemian trend has been spiced up with the 70s folk vibe that we’ve been loving all summer. Introducing the new era bohemian…

There are some great brands that are just bursting with bohemian inspired goodness. Check out Free People and fall in love with long flowing fabrics and florals that will make you weak at the knees.

What you need to be a New-era Bohemian;

– 1 dress, made from chiffon, silk or another floaty fabric that billows in the wind

– a dash of lace or some gorgeous sheer thingy that you can fling about when quoting Oscar Wilde

– an artistic flare

– and an open-mind

The perfect accessory for the modern Bohemian;

– a espresso coffee

– riveting conversation

– something made of lace

The Best of the Bohemian bunch;


Maxi dress by Glamorous Now £ 38.50


Maxi dress by Free People Now £ 69.00


Dress by One Teaspoon £ 98.00

The bohemian movement and style was and IS all about decadence. Bohemia is defined by flamboyancy, artistic flare and freedom. One designer to watch at the movement is designer Matthew Williamson, his intricate and beautifully detailed patterns have A-listers and us totally captivated.

A perfect Positano brunch with @poppydelevingne looking gorgeous in my favourite dress from MW2004.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthew Williamson (@matthewwilliamson) op

Family favourites. #LenAndJen

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthew Williamson (@matthewwilliamson) op

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Bohemian Style: All you need to know

John Lennon & Yoko Ono during their “Bed-in” at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam, 1969

What is Bohemian style? Is it different to Hippie style?

Well actually Bohemian style is not only the way you dress, but a way of life. It is “Art for Arts sake” and although this line is credited to Gautier somewhere back in the 1800s, the idea goes much further back, to the time of the Ancient Greeks in fact. The term Bourgeois Bohemian first began being thrown about in France during this time. What you may not know though, is that the word “Bohemian” actually means gypsy (uh huh! Hence the similarity in style then!). This title suited the style of these early Bohemians, not only in their choice of lifestyle but in their eccentric clothing.

But nowadays, as times have progressed, the distinction between Bohemians and Hippies has somewhat blurred. Although there is a lot of similarity in the style of dress, there are different ideologies.

Bohemian Ideology in a nutshell

The idea of beauty, freedom, poetry, Art and self-expression – something that can be expressed not only in your appearance but in your choice of lifestyle. Bohemian style has been floating around since the early 20th century. The style is somewhat dreamy, romantic and incredibly delectable to the eye.

The Dreamy Bohemian

The Dreamy Bohemian

Vero Moda Floral Dress £ 48.00, Free People Lovers Dress Now £ 65.00

Bohemian is a lifestyle, it is an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, with an appreciation and love for all things artistic. Your look should reflect your passions, whether it be a love for poetry or for perhaps a period in Art history.

To create the perfect Bohemian style;

– 1 dress, made from chiffon, silk or another floaty fabric that billows in the wind

– a dash of lace or some gorgeous sheer thingy that you can fling about when quoting Oscar Wilde

– an artistic flare

– and an open-mind

The perfect accessory for the modern Bohemian;

– a espresso coffee

– riveting conversation

– something made of lace

For the Romantic Folk

For the Romantic Folk

Glamorous Folk Maxi Dress £ 55.00, Boohoo Smock Dress £ 15.00, Topshop Tassel Smock Dress £ 20.00

We saw this trend back in the Summer of 2014 and now it is back but with a new lease of life (so to speak!). Both the Bohemian (or the Boho trend) and the more hippie styles have been greatly inspired by the traditional Folk clothing from “way back when”. The distinctive Folk look can be recognised by the prints, vivid colours and often tasseling…and who doesn’t love a bit of tasseling (or fringing for that matter!).

To draw inspiration from the Folk style;

– colourful prints

– tasseling, fringing, anything with “-ing” at the end actually

The perfect accessory for the Folk-inspired;

– a tambourine or another percussion  instrument

– a crown made of wild flowers

The New Age Hippie

The New Age Hippie

Asos Swing Dress £ 50.00, Missguided Strappy Elephant Print Dress £ 18.00, Vila Printed Folk Dress £ 42.00

Hippie style and Bohemian very often get confused. While there is not much difference in the style itself, there is in the philosophy. The difference is that a hippie does not give a hoot what they wear and draw a lot of inspiration from music (namely the 60s) and a bohemian reflects their personality and artistic beliefs into their style. Although this is the difference it can be argued that a hippie does in fact do the same thing, after all a care-free hippie attitude is coming across in the style.

To create the New Age Hippie style;

– 1 loose fitting dress, ideally with an ethnic print or stunning detail to gawp at

– 1 kimono cover-up (to be worn over or alone, whilst sipping on herbal tea)

– a hint of nostalgia

– nonchalance

The perfect accessory for the New Age Hippie;

– an arm bangle with splashes of turquois, ideally

– a selection of 60s vinyl, to include; Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles…the list goes on

– a very awesome silky head scarf

If you are still searching (and not sure where to look?). First try checking out out Maxi Dress page or try typing in a search word (such as, boho, hippie or folk) into the handy search tool at the top of the page.




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What To Wear To The Races

What to wear to The Races

That time of the year is here again, summer is upon us, the sun is shining, hopefully…place your bets now. But the question still remains, “What to wear to The Races?”. Here at MyDress we can’t deny that we love an excuse to get glammed up and slip on our summer dresses, show a little leg and well get out in that summer sun. The Races is a great excuse to do just that, embrace everything about it, get your “hair did”, “nails did” and get your hands on that perfect dress.

Here in the UK we have a huge amount of Races going on all the way through the spring and summer and at different races courses, all different in event style. So, it’s important to dress accordingly. Don’t freak out, we are here to help with that part…

Essential Tips: What to wear to the races? 

Take a handbag that’s big enough to put your race cards, tickets, lippy and sunglasses in. But not so big that it gets in the way. Perhaps a bag that can be worn over the body is a savvy choice.

Wear heels BUT not too crazy high

There is a lot of walking involved and Lingfield Races even have a concert after and you’ll be wanting to dance. Take a small pair of pumps is also an option or wedges could be wise choice.

Take a jacket or coat that is has beautiful as your dress.

The reason? Well, although we all have our fingers crossed for gorgeous sunshine the whole summer through…it might not happen…and so this way, if your coat is flattering, then you will look fab the whole day and there’s no need to freeze! Good options are tie-waist coats, such as a trench coat style or a classic evening coat with rounded, soft shoulders. You could also opt for a more structured blazer to add some definition to your outfit.

Do I have to wear a hat or a headpiece?

No, it is not compulsory to wear a hat to certain race course. But, saying that, for Ladies Day you must wear a hat!! Check out The Hat Club London for tips and yes…rules on this extravagant occasion.

It could be handy to check out the main events going on (for all you fair weather racegoers). One of the biggest events that combines the races and fashion is, of course, Ascot “Ladies Day”.

 Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

This has to be one of the biggest events in our social and racing calendar and if it isn’t in yours yet, then it should be! Pencil it in, right now, we’ll wait.

If you want to make an impression at Ladies day, you have to think a outside the box and you absolutely must wear a hat or some kind of spectacular head piece, like these racegoers did…here are some of the weird, the wonderful and the actually quite crazy hats last year’s Ladies Day saw.

Unfortunately in recent years, some racegoers have turned up in novelty outfits and fancy dress and slightly taken “the need to make a statement” to the max and not in the way Ladies day was intended for. This means that the organisers have now set some fashion rules, so it might be helpful therefore to check out the guidelines.

The Classic Race Day Dress

Some great brands for more classic dresses are; Karen Millen, Elise Ryan and Ted Baker, which has some great printed dresses.

What Dress to wear?

Please, please, please make sure that you check the dress code on the race course site. Some race events are more casual and will allow strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. BUT some, such as, Ascot, will not! To avoid disappointment make sure you check the guidelines before buying your dress.

What to wear to The Races

When choosing the colour of your perfect Race Day Dress, decide on what look you are going for. This is one occasion were you really can have fun with the “matchy matchy” cliche of times gone by. Shopping for your perfect race outfit is similar to shopping for a wedding, except you don’t have to worry about outshining the bride.


The weather is ever changing here in the UK, so think about layers or Maxi dresses

Where you will be…in a private box or walking around? Think about your shoes and your poor feet!

Hair (and again the weather) BE PREPARED

Last thing…promise!

Enjoy yourself! Don’t panic too much on what to wear to the races. Nothing will go better with your stunning outfit than a smile (cheesy as it sounds!)









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Why White’s Alright: White Dresses

All White Dress Trend

Ok, so we saw it on the catwalks, then we saw it filter it’s way majestically into the shops and now everyone is obsessed by the new “All white” trend and why’s that? Because “White’s alright!”. In fact more than all white…I mean right. But how? Surely white is impractical, especially when dressed head to toe in it? Well, think again…white is fresh, on-trend and when done well, it is more than alright! So…it’s time to meet THE dresses…

The White Prom dress

White Prom Dresses

Yes, you heard us right! The White Prom dress is now the must-have dress for young girls everywhere. Why? It’s fresh, young and will set off your summer tan perfectly.

The White Bridesmaid dress

White Bridesmaid Dresses

A few years ago this trend was unthinkable (a total fashion faux pas!), but now, women all over the country want their wedding whiter than white.

The White Maxi dress

White Maxi Dresses

What could be more glamorous and feminine than the white maxi dress. This style is classic, elegant and perfect for those summer evenings when teamed with a kaftan cover-up or denim jacket. Perfection.

Tip: We are loving this gorgeous white maxi from webshop Apricot for only £ 15!

The White Shirt dress

White Shirt Dresses

The White Shirt dress is the ideal choice for spring summer. Team it with delicate sling-backs (that’s right ladies, their back and better than ever!), ballerina pumps or chunky sandals for a more statement look.

Tip: Check out this great summery little number at Boden and it’s linen, perfect for your spring summer wardrobe!

It’ll be ALL WHITE in the end…

Get the All White look with Zalando

Bruno Premi Sandals £ 100, Even & Odd Wallet £ 11,70, Damir Doma Dress in white £ 146,25

Perhaps now you are ready to take on the trend, full throttle? Go on, be brave and embrace “All that is White and All that is White NOW” (excuse the pun). We are loving all the white goodies that one of our webshops, Zalando has to offer AND we are sure you will too…so click on the links (above) and off you pop!

So where can you get the look? Well that’s simple, either go to our White Dresses page (and we have sorted all the best white dresses for you to choose from) AND don’t forget you can filter by style as well, just use the handy filter tool at the top of the page!


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How to rock the fringe dress!

Fringe Dress Trend

Embrace the 70s vibe and fringe up. We have seen it before, but now the fashion world has truly embraced the fringe trend. What we love about this trend is there is something for everyone, it’s up to you how far you take the fringe. But don’t fret if your playing with the idea, but are not sure you want to totally “fringe yourself”, that’s ok too!

In the winter we saw more and more designers test the waters with subtle fringe detailing on jumpers and skirts but now more than ever the 70s vibe is here! This spring summer we are spoilt for choice with top high-street brands channeling the hippie trend, the 20s flapper girl style with gorgeous evening and party dresses and of course stunning bohemian summer dresses, perfect for festivals.

Fancy the trend but not too sure if you’re ready for the full-fringe?

Then accessories are the answer. Choose a flowing maxi dress that you can add a fringe waistcoat or a cute tassel bag for that hippie chic laid-back look. Think suede, tassels and feathers and customise your look. But remember there is such a variety of styles out there, so it is possible to find a simple fringe dress.

Hippie chic - Kaftan Dresses

Boohoo £8                                                                                                                                                  Native Rose £70

Kaftans & Kaftan dresses

This is great option for everyone! A kaftan goes with everything and creates a flowing silhouette that will flatter most body types. It can be easily layered over your outfit to create a different look, cover your arms on those slightly chilly summer evenings. A kaftan is great option to take on holiday as well as you can layer it over simple summer dresses to give it a different feel and totally transform your outfit.

Full on fringe dresses

Check out a great choice of dresses and discover the 70s trend at Asos, Boohoo and Missguided.

Full on fringe

This does not mean you need to look like you stepped out of a Cowboy & Western film nor look like a 20s flapper girl, as fun as that could be as well…well why not?! Designer and high-street brands alike have drawn inspiration from the best of both worlds and given us quite the choice ladies, lucky us!




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