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How To: Dress For A Date

So, you’re off on a date! Twit Twoo! The key to dressing well for a date, is to be yourself! Saying that, first impressions count. Remember though ladies, the first impression should be true to how you actually are and really like to dress.

There is not point dressing up in a totally different style then what you would usually. All that would do is confuse you and your date later on (if your date is a success that is!)

Perfect Date Dresses

Vila Utility Dress £ 35.00 Love Long Sleeved Dress £ 35.00 Selected Seemless Slip Dress £ 25.00

These three dresses are hands down winners in our eyes! Being sexy BUT in a subtle way is important in how you come across. That’s why a long sleeved mini dress could be a great option (oh and then you don’t have to worry about a cover-up.)

We love this silky vila nummer, with it’s cinched in waist it shows of your shape but doesn’t cling to much and gives your silhouette an elegant sex appeal. We thought it was only right to include a red dress in our choice. Why? Well, other than being the colour of love, it is proven to be attractive to the opposite sex. Oh la la!

Things worth considering are;

Are you meeting straight from work?
Where will you be going?
How do you want to come across?

Date dresses

Tall Skater Dresses Now £ 50.00 Scalloped Edge Dress Now £ 14.00 BCBGeneration Double Layered Dress Now £ 57.00

We can’t stress it enough how important it is to be yourself! Yes, it is tricky even as “yourself” to know what to wear on a normal night out, let alone a date.

Take a deep breath. Now then, off you pop!

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Help! I have a date straight after work!

We’ve all been there. The “office to out” dilemma. But panic not there is a simple recipe to avoid disaster and gain easy glam points without getting yourself stressed out. After all, you are going out out and the important thing is to have fun. 

Freshen up your face & hair-do 

Remove make up if it looks dull after a day in the office. There is nothing worse then looking like you are at the end of the night already before the night has even begun. So freshen up with face wipes and moisturise before adding your tinted moisturiser or foundation. DO NOT wear too much make up. This is a big turn off.

1.So opt for either a smokey eye or lippy and yes we know you may be tired but there is no need to cake on the layers. It will not make you look more awake.

2. Keep it fresh and light and add a luminous glow with the Balm Luminizer – Highlighting Powder.

3. We swear by dry shampoo, carry one in your handbag and you’ll never be caught off-guard. A common misconception is that dry shampoo is for dirty hair, infact it increases volume and helps hold the style. Consider is a face lift for your hair. So for a little pick me up, try this one from Batiste.

Revlon Eyelinerthe balm luminizerDry Shampoo





Wear red  

We’ve all heard the rumour that red is the colour of attraction. It exudes confidence and will make you stand out in all the right ways. It is also the colour of love (pause for wolf whistle). So ladies, no matter what your personal style is or how formal you have to dress for the office, there is something for you! The great thing about red is as well is that there are SO many shades to choose from.



ASOS TALL Dress with Split £42.00Warehouse Wrap Skater Dress £46.00French Connection Crystal Crepe Dress Now £72.00See U Soon Shift Dress Now £25.00

TIP: Pick your dress the night before. Classic styles that suit the office often are the same style that work for dinner and drinks too. So no need to panic! If none of the above dresses are quite your thing then check out our Red Dress Page, where we have even more styles and shades to choose from.


Best foot forward

Perhaps the icing on the cake, is your choice of footwear. When you have a date straight after work, taking an extra pair of shoes with you to the office could be a good idea. That way you don’t have to totter around all day and then dance all night in the same pair of shoes. Unless you are some kind of Heel Wearing Super Hero (yes! They do exist!).

Your shoes will either dress up or down your outfit, so think carefully, where is it your off to this evening? Elegant and strappy, pointed with a stiletto or slightly more sturdy heel (could be an idea if there is a lot of walking involved!)


Pura Lopez Classic heels in black £180.00Head Over Heels Callina Black Point Toe  £39.00

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