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Why White’s Alright: White Dresses

All White Dress Trend

Ok, so we saw it on the catwalks, then we saw it filter it’s way majestically into the shops and now everyone is obsessed by the new “All white” trend and why’s that? Because “White’s alright!”. In fact more than all white…I mean right. But how? Surely white is impractical, especially when dressed head to toe in it? Well, think again…white is fresh, on-trend and when done well, it is more than alright! So…it’s time to meet THE dresses…

The White Prom dress

White Prom Dresses

Yes, you heard us right! The White Prom dress is now the must-have dress for young girls everywhere. Why? It’s fresh, young and will set off your summer tan perfectly.

The White Bridesmaid dress

White Bridesmaid Dresses

A few years ago this trend was unthinkable (a total fashion faux pas!), but now, women all over the country want their wedding whiter than white.

The White Maxi dress

White Maxi Dresses

What could be more glamorous and feminine than the white maxi dress. This style is classic, elegant and perfect for those summer evenings when teamed with a kaftan cover-up or denim jacket. Perfection.

Tip: We are loving this gorgeous white maxi from webshop Apricot for only £ 15!

The White Shirt dress

White Shirt Dresses

The White Shirt dress is the ideal choice for spring summer. Team it with delicate sling-backs (that’s right ladies, their back and better than ever!), ballerina pumps or chunky sandals for a more statement look.

Tip: Check out this great summery little number at Boden and it’s linen, perfect for your spring summer wardrobe!

It’ll be ALL WHITE in the end…

Get the All White look with Zalando

Bruno Premi Sandals £ 100, Even & Odd Wallet £ 11,70, Damir Doma Dress in white £ 146,25

Perhaps now you are ready to take on the trend, full throttle? Go on, be brave and embrace “All that is White and All that is White NOW” (excuse the pun). We are loving all the white goodies that one of our webshops, Zalando has to offer AND we are sure you will too…so click on the links (above) and off you pop!

So where can you get the look? Well that’s simple, either go to our White Dresses page (and we have sorted all the best white dresses for you to choose from) AND don’t forget you can filter by style as well, just use the handy filter tool at the top of the page!


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Spring Summer 2015: Ted Baker

Ted Baker Dresses

Let’s talk about Ted…

Proud to be British, Ted Baker are known for taking a fresh approach to classic styles. Their key focus is on quality and attention to detail. But what we love is how they manage to inject a bit of that quirky British style into their pieces…let’s take a peak then! Now ladies it’s time to “Look like Ted”…Ok, so just to clarify, by no means do we mean that you should go put on your fluffiest onesie, that’s something else altogether ladies!

Ted Baker is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle

We saw instagram go crazy with bloggers dressing literally head to toe or … wait for it … #TedToToe in the brand, they have chosen Ted’s finest and now it’s your turn. It’s fair to say that the collection consists of the most gorgeous array of colours, prints and patterns, that will make your heart skip a beat. It’s time to crush the idea that this look is too, well… “matchy matchy” (as your Nan may have dressed) it’s now bang on! So, here’s just a snippet of the ever more recognisable “Ted” style and although the patterns, colours and collections change, the style cleverly never seems to go out of date.

Bohemian Jewels

Ted Baker Floral DressesPaisley Toucan Tunic dress £ 139.00Window Blossom dress £ 139.00Valeena Paisley Toucan dress £ 149.00

Why do we love it? The classic, flattering cuts of the dresses mean that there is quite literally a style to suit most body shapes but with quirky patterns, bold brights, pretty florals and dreamy pastels. The collections may change but there always seems to be something that holds it all together and just…well, works.

Dreaming in  Pastels

Ted Baker Pastel ShadesEmbellished Shift dress £ 249.00Layered Shift dress £ 129.00Findon Embellished floral dress £ 199.00

Fall in love with their dreamy pastel shade dresses, that are just perfect for those summer parties and an ideal choice to wear to a wedding, so you look like the perfect wedding guest.

The Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan Collar DressesCalana distinguishing rose dress £ 139.00Marsham Lace tunic dress £ 149.00Rainbow Waterfall Cuff dress £ 139.00

Here at MyDress we are loving the Peter Pan Collar trend and if you love it too, then, it is totally worth checking out their selection of cute mini dresses in a variety of prints and shades. With inspiration from the 60s but with a fresh modern twist, what’s there not to love!

 Stamp your style & Choose your print 

Mirrored Tropics Print DressesMirrored Tropics Midi dress £ 159.00,Mirrored Tropics dress £ 139.00 

And if you are feeling daring, girly or totally inspired, then the collection certainly has something for you. We are loving the different prints you can choose from. Each print comes in a variety of looks and styles, dresses, suits, skirts and handbags, you name it, they made it. Thanks Ted. Which means you can combine the prints with your already existing wardrobe and put your own individual stamp on it.

The Ted Baker brand is one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK and now you know why! Shop the collection here today. But if you are still struggling to find that perfect printed dress then don’t forget to check out our printed dresses!

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What dress to wear to a wedding?

What dress to wear to a wedding

So you have received a wedding invitation? How exciting! But dressing for a wedding is trickier than you first thought! What do you wear to someone else’s special day?

This poses quite the dilemma, you certainly can not wear white, nothing to short, nothing to drab, something special indeed, but of course not to outshine the bride herself. Now that goes without saying! You can’t go too overdressed, as not to steal the lime-light BUT you certainly can’t go underdressed. A good starting point is…to take a good hard look at the invitation – this is what you have to work with – these snippets of information are key to helping you find the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, so you can look like the perfect wedding guest.

Take note – is there a dress code or any other essential information that will aid you towards finding that perfect party dress for the “evening do” or are you invited to the wedding itself as well? Indeed this may pose as more of a challenge, if you have to find a versatile dress that is both suitable for the ceremony itself (lets face it – this is usually around lunchtime) and then again perfect for the wedding breakfast, dinner, or canapes hour but also for the evening party.

Location, location, location

This is actually a very important factor to consider when choosing your outfit. Will you be inside or braving the elements outside? Then think about your accessories working with the rest of your outfit and check that you have something to cover yourself up if its a bit nippy out, you still want to look good in the photos. Certainly if it is a beach wedding or if the climate is very hot, perhaps is it then wise to steer clear of skyscraper heels!

“Save the date”

When is the wedding? Spring, summer, come rain or shine, this is something that is worth taking into consideration. Saying that, we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so a solution to this, is to wear a dress with short sleeves or a bandeau style dress which you can layer a jacket or coat on top of.

Will the day involve a lot of standing around or walking? Then think about your poor feet, they are the ones that will suffer here! A solution is, to take an extra pair of ballet pumps with you or if it is going to be a hot day consider a pair of stylish sandals.

 Don’t forget to try on your whole outfit before the day!

Before the wedding day make sure you try on your dress, walk around in it, get a feel for it and check out what happens when you sit down, does it still look good? This may sound simple, but there is nothing worse than putting on your dress just before you leave and discovering it doesn’t fit, there’s a stain, it doesn’t match your shoes…(insert whatever stressful discovery you can think of here). So better to be prepared!

How well do you know them? This is something which can oh so easily be overlooked, but is worth thinking about. Do the couple have a particular style?

BUT even if the couple have a particular or alternative style, it is after all their wedding day after all, so certainly some stops will be pulled out and therefore this idea of the couples “style” is more a suggestion to keep in mind. It won’t be a totally casual affair unless they say so! But no jeans..again…unless they say so.

Black tie, white tie…what?!

This is something to really consider and it can make this task a little easier for you. But if it doesn’t and you’re still not sure then there is no shame in asking around. Black tie is not as formal as White tie, but men are expected to wear a suit and nowadays this is can be funked up a bit with a waistcoat or a skinny tie.

And what does that mean for us ladies? Think along the lines of cocktail dresses, party dresses, around knee-length (as a rough guide) is a good option.

If the dress code is White tie and this is the most formal dress code. Then the men are expected to “tux n tails it” and us ladies need to think about more formal evening dresses and depending on the couple’s style it is even a possibility to look at prom style dresses, especially for the evening do.

dress to wear to a wedding

To help you on your way we have gathered a selection of gorgeous dresses for weddings…nice ‘ehy! We can always rely on Ted Baker for gorgeous floral prints, Elise Ryan for classic chic and Coast for elegance.


So what are the Do’s & Don’ts for a dress to wear to a wedding?


– think about your choice of colour, wear a colour that compliments the bridal party and does not clash with it!
– stick to the dress code.
– pack your spare pumps or flats.
– take spare tights in your handbag just in case you get a ladder, best to be prepared.


– wear the same colour as the bridal party.
– don’t wear white, if you’re doubting if your dress is white, then it is, so don’t wear it.
– too short dresses are a no go.
– too high heels, so that you can’t even walk, let alone dance in.
– go too sexy, this is a big faux pas at a wedding. You don’t want to be “that” girl.
– Jeans are a definite no no

Take a look at what dresses for weddings we have found, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then take a look at another category that might suit, such as, party dresses, evening dresses or even summer dresses.

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