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How to do Black Tie

We’ve all been there. The moment where you are invited to a Black Tie event and you are filled with both excitement and dread. Yes, that means we can dress up but at the same time, the thought is there, what an earth do we wear?

Does Black Tie mean you have to wear black?

No. In fact Black Tie derives from what the men are expected to wear. So the Black Tie dress for women should indeed compliment the traditional black tie and dinner jacket.

Black Tie is quite vague for us ladies. The easiest way to think of Black Tie for us is Cocktail dresses. The best option if you are not sure is to go long. If you are not comfortable with a long dress then try midi or something around the knee. Never go too short, that way you will avoid feeling out of place.

Don’t be afraid of colour! It is worth taking a look at our collection of Cocktail dresses from a wide range of brands and in other colours other than black. Take a leaf out of Alexa Chung’s book at opt for a bold bright and floor sweeping gown.

Regram from English beauty @chungalexa wearing an embroidered dress from #Fall15 in #newyorkcity yesterday. #bestdressed

Een foto die is geplaatst door Valentino (@maisonvalentino) op

Another tip when working out how to do Black Tie is to look up the venue, that will give you some indication of how fancy to go.  

Also think about what the occasion is and the people that are inviting you. Is it a 50th Wedding Anniversary or a 21st Birthday Party? That could really be the deciding factor in how much skin is appropriate to show. We love the idea of nude colours as an option, this is a great opportunity to play around with your accessories and neutral colours are also soft and elegant. 

The main thing when choosing your outfit of course is to wear something that you are comfortable in! If you feel more happy in something shorter then a classic cocktail mini could be the way to go!

Black is always a great option. You can’t go wrong with a classic and timeless LBD when wondering how to do Black Tie. Especially if you have more than one event coming up and only want to buy one dress.

TIP: A little clever accessorising can totally transform an outfit!

Black Tie


French Connection £ 85.00 French Connection Jersey Dress £75.00 Naf Naf Cocktail Dress £ 44.00 Swing Cocktail Dress £ 85.00

Hang on a tick though…what about Black Tie at a Wedding?

Same rules apply here. Black Tie is the same as Black Tie at any other event. Yes, you should think about how exposed you are, especially if you are going to the service itself. Hats and Fascinators are a great option as well. But not totally necessarily if you are wearing a floor sweeping dress.

If you still feel like you should wear some form of head or hair accessory, then why not go for a sparkly hair grip or a delicate headband.

The Best Brands For Black Tie Events

Chi Chi London



Virgos Lounge

LK Bennett



French Connection


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How to dress for the office in summer

Dressing for the office can often be tricky, especially during the unpredictable British summer months. One moment it’s pouring with rain, the next a hot Indian heatwave. As tempting as it is to turn up in yeah comfy shorts and flip flops or on those colder days jeans and a slouchy jumper…don’t! Think again. There are just a few key things to remember when putting together your work wardrobe and of course learning to resist the urge not too care first thing in the morning. We sympathise. Honestly, deciding on how to dress for the office doesn’t have to be as tricky as we first thought. 

1. The Fit

Less is more! This could not be more true, especially when you need to dress for the office. Remember that although we want to look good, comfort here is key when you are sitting in front of a computer for hours on end.

loose fitting – flowing silhouettes – minimal – Scandinavian Chic

The perfect fit work dresses

Karen Millen £ 145.00 Alice & UO Half Moon Now £ 18.00 Label Lab Now £ 20.50

2. The Fabric

Good fabrics to choose are natural fabrics such as, wool, linen, cotton and silk or a mixture of these. You may end up spending slightly more…but trust us if you invest in good quality fabrics then not only will they last longer but they will keep you cool when it’s hot out and keep you warm when it’s cold out. There is a reason why they are more expensive!

Natural fabrics – no man made funny business – cotton – silk – wool – linen

3. Layers

the perfect cover up  for the office dress

Whistles Layered Silk and Knit Jumper £130.00 Cape Swing Cape £30.00 Sisley Cardigan £37.00

Think layers, lots of thin layers that can easily be removed if you get too hot. The beautiful thing about layers is as well, is that you can add and take off depending on the weather, temperature in the office and still feel comfortable. By adding a high neck jumper you can give your outfit a  more preppy look, just as a cute cardigan with lace trim (such as the one above) can give an elegant yet girly edge.

The Layers Wish list – a cute camisole – a sheer cardigan – a chunkier jumper – a elegant scarf

4. Opt for a Denim jacket. Suede and Leather are a no-go.

For that perfect after-office chilled look or casual Fridays add a denim jacket. Combined with your cute dress this will create the perfect outfit to pop to the pub garden for after work drinks. For those cooler nights why not try adding a poncho or cape style cover -up.

5. Choose a neutral palette as your canvas

Dress for the office in neutral colours. If you choose your work wardrobe based on neutral tones, this will make it a lot easier to dress for the office and therefore far easier to mix and match. Taking the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. You could even try laying out your outfit the night before, saving those precious morning minutes.

The perfect base colours for your outfit – Navy, Grey, White, Black, Tan

– for example if you choose a cream blouse, then this can easily be replaced with a cream cami or a cream chunky knit or t-shirt depending on the weather. Sound good? Yeah, we thought so too!

The perfect colours for your accessories – red, purple, turquoise, yellow

Simply work on your outfit with accessories. This is an easy way to transform any outfit and if you use bold but complimentary colours that will highlight your outfit and take your look from day to night, smart to casual. By keeping your work wardrobe neutral and your accessories bold, you can have a lot more fun with investing in key season pieces that will always compliment your look.

The perfect fit & shade

Ray-Ban ERIKA Sunglasses £100.00 Tommy Hilfiger Now £73.50 Red Quay Sunglasses £36.00 Yellow Handbag £105.00



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