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The most unusual trend so far…

Door Emi Baldwin - Thursday 03 December 2015 | 16:22

Yes, you heard us right. Honestly after reading this, you will be both puzzled and fascinated. Well, one thing is clear, that the most interesting inspiration for a collection has certainly been won by brand Erdem London.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the collection. The romantic florals, tumbling layers of chiffon, high necks and extravagant use of bows, what’s there not to love? Perhaps we should share a little back story…Could this be the most unusual trend so far?

❤️Alexa @chungalexa Last night @britishfashioncouncil

Een foto die door erdemlondon is geplaatst op

It would appear even Alexa Chung is on board with this trend. The slightly folk inspired trend is the perfect blend of fresh fair weather flowers and darker winter colours. If you think this trend resembles something of Little House on the Prairie? Then you would be right. It does.

If you are to read the idea behind Erdem London’s 2016 collection, it will soon become clear that the idea is both of romantic and unsettling nature. The first thing that springs to mind is Wuthering Heights. Nope, not just the song by Kate Bush!

The whole theme is very wild and raw, which suits the collection. But reading the back story to Erdem London’s collection was at first somewhat puzzling. When we first saw that this trend was based on a deadly fever, we were to say the least, a little shocked. We think this could be the most unusual trend so far…

The story behind Erdem London’s collection is based on the emigrants that were pushed into moving into the great open plains of the West of America. Alone and far away from civilization, they would cling to their sanity, but often driving them to destruction. This became known as “Prairie Madness”. Which is exactly what Erdem London have based their 2016 collection on.

Although we can see where the idea has come from, we think you’ll agree that the finished product (although coming from unusual roots) is something really quite special. And if it’s good enough for fashion royalty, such as Alexa Chung, then it’s good enough for us!


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