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The Queen Of Style

Door Emi Baldwin - Thursday 10 September 2015 | 13:02

Yesterday was a huge day in History for us Brits. Although somewhat controversial, our Queen became the longest reigning monarch in UK history. Surpassing her great-grandmother (Queen Victoria) Elizabeth has broken the record, having reigned for 23,226 days (including today of course…best make that 23,227 then!) That’s 63 years and 7 months! Within that time we have seen her style develop and follow the trends of the moment, whilst remaining true of course to her love for coordination and hats. 

Elizabeth came to the throne as a young women of 18 years, after her father King George died. As a young and beautiful women Elizabeth’s love for fashion was clear and as the world watched her style develop with the times, little did we know quite how long the Queen and her wardrobe would be in the spotlight. Even now, the Queen is certainly a style force to be recond with!

Here at MyDress.co.uk we have had great fun looking through the Queen’s different looks throughout her long reign.

1955 – Classic and elegant, the young Elizabeth looks simply radiant at the age of 20.

1961 – Embracing a shorter style of dress. We have seen Elizabeth flirt with dresses just above the knee, but this is a length she has always gone back to.

1962 – Perhaps where her love for outfit coordination came from. A trend that is back again with a more modern take…bring on the love for co-ords.

1970 – Brilliant in blue. Whilst in New Zealand the Queen sported a Royal Blue ensable, again with matching accessories. We start to see her love for hats shine through!

1975 – The height of fashion at the time. We see dear Queeny rocking the turban and doesn’t she do it well! Fancy getting your hands on yellow dress too? Easy! Just click here.

1977 – With the 70s in full swing, we see Elizabeth embracing the print obsession of the era.

1982 – Strike a pose! VOGUE style. Enough said.

1990 – Still playing with prints. But there is certainly a love for colour themes developing…

1999 – YES! Even the Queen of England joined the 90s sequin revolution!

2008 – Adopting a little Hollywood glam back in 2008, but keeping it British with a bunch of beautiful roses…

2012 – Sparkling still, this is how accessories should be done. To the max!

2015 – Well, you can’t get more British then tweed. Very fitting we thought, as this is the year that marks our monarchs longest rule.

( Above images via telegraph.co.uk)

We have no doubt that as the years role on, the style file will only grow. But Elizabeth isn’t the only royal with a love for dresses and fashion. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is giving her a run for her money and becoming quite the style icon herself!

The Royal Dress Rules

– keep it classy

– stick to one colour theme (or if in doubt then opt for blue)

– stick to midi length or if you’re feeling a little more risque then something just hovering around the knee

– coordinate ALWAYS

– wear a hat!

The Duchess of Cambridge with the Queen having a giggle


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