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Why we love a bit of Tartan

Door Emi Baldwin - Thursday 28 May 2015 | 11:00

Get Tart-ed up with a gorgeous Tartan dress

Lets talk about Tartan! Come rain or shine, this is why Tartan can be worn all year round. Here at MyDress we are loving that at the moment Tartan is even easier to get our hands on. You can walk into most high-street shops and find a bit of cheeky Tartan just ready to be nabbed. 

What’s the deal with Tartan? Well, just a snippet of history for you all…Once upon a time in the highland hills, Tartan was worn by the Gaelic clans. Each pattern and colour was exclusively for a particular clan (so pick your Tartan!!). But then in 1746 it was banned, in an attempt to bring all the clans under government control. Booooooo!

The Royal Look

For years and years Tartan has been associated with the Royals, well actually, all aristocracy and military and so ladies you guessed it…it became kinda fancy. Some patterns of Tartans were even reserved just for the “creme de la creme” of society.

BUT THEN…(and this is the part we love) it became an anti-establishment symbol. A symbol of anarchy, an expression, a voice. Tartan was embraced into the Punk movement in the 70s and continues to inspire us in fashion today. For example, The Burberry Check is a Tartan that’s been going strong since the 20s and is known all over the world. Happily the Tartan check has become more available and yep…affordable. With so many options, brands (high-street brands too) recreating this great print.

The Queen of Tartan

Who? Vivienne Westwood. This famous Brit has been challenging and pushing fashion boundaries since we can all remember. A true fashion anarchist. She is known for combining (with great flare) all that does not conform with a sense of tradition. This feisty red head as been busy voicing her opinions and saving the world since opening her boutique on Kings Road back in the 70s.

Get your Tartan on!

Now, there are tons of options when it comes to getting “tart-ed up!”, go full-out Punk, think the Sex Pistols, Sid and Nancy, X-Ray Specs, maybe even a little bit of Debbie Harry (Blondie!). Get inspired and click this link.

Take it to the MAX!

Take it to the Max - Tartan Dresses

There are some great options for Maxi Tartan dresses. We are loving this flowing Tartan number but if that’s a little out of your budget, then “check out” (pun intended) this one from Urban Outfitters.

SKIMP on it!

Shorter Tartan Dresses

This Noisy May Tartan Dress (and it also comes in black) is perfect to see you for the summer, but if you team it up with tights, biker boots and a leather jacket it is transformed into the perfect daytime winter outfit.

And…if you’re after something a bit well…skimpier, then this Missguided number is where it’s at! Skimpier in length and price, but not in style. 

So, that being said, let’s keep the tartan tradition going ladies!!








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