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Why we’re loving Needle & Thread Dresses

Door Emi Baldwin - Tuesday 04 August 2015 | 15:15

Needle & Thread

If you haven’t already heard of this brand then you need to. Needle & Thread is exactly as it might suggest, hand-crafted with…well, a needle and thread. Their dresses and beautiful embroidered blouses and tops will have you mesmerised in a gorgeous glittery beaded fashion bubble.

So yes, admittedly the price tag is a little higher then some other high-street brands but Needle & Thread dresses are a stretch above the rest. The collection itself is so vast, that there is something to suit most budgets. After all these dresses are not your everyday basics, they are something quite special…a kind of embellished dream (except we’re talking dresses and reality).

Hidden Treasure

Needle & Thread Dresses

From left: Embellished Evening Dress £ 200.00 Sheer Evening Dress £ 250.00 All-Over Sequin Dress Now £ 100.00

These delicate oyster shades make us swarm. The soft pearly shade illuminates your skin tone and radiates elegance, but if you prefer to have your arms covered then Needle & Thread have thought of that too. Sheer sleeves and intricate beading is the answer…now what more could a girl ask for!

Midnight Beauty

Needle & Thread Dresses

Black Chiffon Dress £ 150.00 Hand embellished Semi-sheer Dress Now £ 50.00 Delicate Black embellished Dress Now £ 60.00

If you are looking for something a little more sultry then black and beaded could be the way forward. These LBD’s  have been dipped in fairy dust and the result is…well…stunning.

A Splash of Colour

Needle & Thread

Coral Evening Dress Now £ 110.00 Linen Floral Dress Now £ 72.00 Beaded Evening Dress Now £ 140.00

Saving the best till last, these beaded gems are speckled with colour and bursting with energy. The perfect perfect perfect (can’t say that enough!) choice for a party. You will wonder how your wardrobe coped without Needle & Thread…we did.


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