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Mydress.nl is a mediator. This means that if you place an order via www.Mydress.nl you enter into an agreement with the Webshop (s) that offer their offer on Mydress.nl. When describing the product, it is clearly stated with which Webshop you conclude an agreement if you order the product. You can go through the ordering process on the website of the relevant Webshop. You therefore provide the data that you enter in the ordering process to the relevant Webshop. For the rest, the agreement is executed by the Webshop where you place the order. Please note that the agreement that you conclude with the Webshop may be subject to the terms and conditions of this Webshop

Because Mydress.nl only provides mediation service, Mydress.nl is not responsible for the implementation of the agreement that you conclude with the Webshop (s). If you have complaints about the services of Mydress.nl, we would of course like to hear from you. You can submit a complaint using the contact details that can be found at the bottom of these conditions.

Below you will find the General Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of this Website. These always apply if you use the Website. We therefore advise you to read the General Terms and Conditions carefully. It is furthermore advisable to save or print these conditions, so that you can read them again later.

Article 1. Definitions

1.1 Mydress.nl: Comparison Services B.V., established in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 65162323, trading under the name Mydress.nl.

1.2 Web shop: a web shop that offers products that can be found on the Website and with which the User enters into an agreement if he places an order.

1.3 User: the natural or legal person who uses the Website 

1.4 General Terms and Conditions: the present general terms and conditions.

1.5 Website: the website of Mydress.nl, which can be consulted via www.Mydress.nl and all associated subdomains.

1.6 Review: the discussion, appreciation, criticism or review regarding a product or Web Store.

Article 2. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements with and every use of the website of Mydress.nl, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

2.2 By using the Website, the User agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Any terms and conditions or exceptions to these Terms and Conditions of Use submitted by the User only apply if Mydress.nl has expressly agreed to this in writing.

2.4 If the User orders a product via the Website, he also enters into an agreement with the Webshop that offers the relevant product. It is possible that the Webshop uses its own general terms and conditions.

Article 3. Information on the website

3.1 The information on the Website has been compiled with the greatest possible care, based on the information Mydress.nl receives from the Webshops. Mydress.nl will update the information regularly, in order to give as accurate a picture as possible of the range and prices of the products.

3.2 The user understands that the information on the Website comes from the Webshops and has not been compiled by Mydress.nl. Therefore, Mydress.nl cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

3.3 If the information on Mydress.nl differs from the information on the website of the Webshop that offers the product, the information on the website of the relevant Webshop is leading.

3.4 Before placing an order at the Webshop, the user must ensure that he wants to enter into an agreement with the Webshop based on the information stated there.

Article 4. Discount codes

4.1 Mydress.nl can provide discount codes on the Website. These discount codes have a limited validity period. Mydress.nl reserves the right to adjust or remove a discount promotion without prior notice.

4.2 User must enter discount codes themselves in the ordering process of the Webshop. If he does not do this, the discount will not be processed. In that case, the user can no longer claim the discount.

4.3 Additional conditions may be attached to the use of a discount code, such as a minimum order amount. These conditions are clearly stated with the offer on the Website.

4.4 The Webshop can attach conditions to the use of Discount Codes. For example, it may be prohibited to use discount codes in combination with other discount promotions (for example, discount promotions from the Webshop itself).

Article 5. Reviews 

5.1 Mydress.nl can offer the User the opportunity to post Reviews.

5.2 When placing Reviews, the User will act and behave in accordance with what may be expected from a careful User. This includes in any case that User:

- will observe all regulations and instructions directed at him on the Website with regard to the placement of Reviews, including instructions from the staff of Mydress.nl;

- will not perform any actions or post messages that violate the laws and regulations, good morals, public order and / or the (intellectual) rights of third parties;

- will not post messages that are sexually oriented or pornographic, threatening, offensive and / or discriminatory;

- will not post messages that violate the privacy of others;

- will not alter, delete or render unusable messages from Mydress.nl or other Users;

- will not perform any acts that cause nuisance to other Users;

- will not distribute spam or other unwanted messages to other Users of the Website.

5.3 The User is responsible for the Reviews he or she posts. If the content of his message is unlawful, the User may be held liable for this. Mydress.nl cannot guarantee that the content of the Reviews are correct and / or lawful.

5.4 The User acknowledges that Mydress.nl is under no obligation to check or edit User Reviews in any way whatsoever, neither before the Review has been placed nor afterwards.

5.5 However, if Mydress.nl comes to the conclusion that Reviews on the Website do not comply with the General Terms and Conditions, it is authorized to remove or adjust these at its own discretion.

5.6 Mydress.nl is authorized to make adjustments to Reviews in order to increase the overall quality and / or readability of the Website. Thereby Mydress.nl will not or as little as possible affect the overall impression and / or purpose of the messages.

5.7 The user indemnifies Mydress.nl against all damage resulting from unlawful Reviews posted by him on the Website.

5.8 The User grants Mydress.nl a free, perpetual, non-exclusive license to publish Reviews on the Website and save them for archiving purposes. This also includes the right of Mydress.nl to change and / or shorten Contributions.

Article 6. Complaints

6.1 Anyone can notify Mydress.nl of Reviews that are unlawful towards him.

Mydress.nl uses a complaints procedure with which third parties can submit a complaint regarding the Reviews. Complaints can be passed on via the contact details on the Website (and at the bottom of these General Terms and Conditions) or the 'report abuse' button.

6.2 If, in the opinion of Mydress.nl, a complaint is justified, Mydress.nl is entitled to remove the Review and / or make it inaccessible. In that case, Mydress.nl is also entitled to provide personal data to the reporter or to the competent authorities. In that case Mydress.nl will inform the User as much as possible about the progress of this procedure.

6.3 In the event of repeated complaints about Reviews by or in the event of repeated breaches of these General Terms and Conditions by the User, Mydress.nl is entitled to deny the User access to the Website - as well as to its other websites.

6.4 Mydress.nl is not liable for any damage suffered by the User as a result of intervention by Mydress.nl in the context of this complaints procedure, even if the complaint appears to be unjustified and the Review is / are not in conflict with these General Terms and Conditions. Conditions and / or otherwise unlawful.

Article 7. Liability

7.1 User understands that Mydress.nl only mediates and is therefore not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the agreement that User concludes with the Webshop (s).

7.2 Mydress.nl is also not liable for technical defects or if products are no longer available (at a certain price) at the Webshop (s), as a result of which the User cannot order the product or use a discount code.

Article 8. Amendment of General Terms and Conditions

8.1 Mydress.nl reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms and Conditions.

8.2 Changes take effect after a period of 30 days after publication of the change on the Website or by electronic notification, stating the effective date of the change. If the User does not agree with the change to the General Terms and Conditions, he must stop using the Website.

Article 9. Personal data

9.1 Mydress.nl processes the personal data of Users in accordance with the privacy statement published on the Website.

9.2 If the User places an order, he provides his personal data to the Webshop and therefore not to Mydress.nl. Mydress.nl has no influence on how the Webshops handle the personal data of Users and cannot guarantee that these Webshops handle the personal data of the User in a reliable or safe way.

Article 10. Final provisions

10.1 Dutch law applies to these General Terms and Conditions and the agreements between User and Mydress.nl.

10.2 Insofar as mandatory law does not provide otherwise, all disputes that may arise as a result of agreements between the User and Mydress.nl and / or these General Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

10.3 If a provision in these General Terms and Conditions appears to be void, this does not affect the validity of the entire General Terms and Conditions. In that case, Mydress.nl will determine (a) new provision (s) to replace, as much as legally possible, the purpose of the original provision.

10.4 In these General Terms and Conditions, "written" also means communication by e-mail and fax, provided that the identity of the sender and the integrity of the e-mail are sufficiently established.

Contact details

If you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading these General Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us in writing or by e-mail.

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