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Terms of Use

Introduction (hereafter “Website”) is an online information service owned and operated by Comparison Services BV. Personal data is carefully processed by us and securely handled. We adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA) when processing personal information. In this privacy statement, we explain what personal information we collect and use and for what purposes.

The terms of use was last updated 24 September 2014 is a mediator. This means that we send you via a link to the relevant webshop or website where your product is sold. You therefore agree to the terms of agreement applicable to that webshop or website, where you place the order or enter your personal details, is in no way liable.

The ordering process can be found on the relevant webshop. The data you enter in the ordering process is therefore the responsibility of the webshop. Please note that from this point the contract you have agreed is in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the retrospective website.

Below are the Terms of Use governing the use of this website. These apply every time you access or use the website. Therefore we recommend you read these thoroughly and familiarise yourself with these terms regularly, as they can be modified or updated at any time. It may be useful to print the Terms of Use (sometimes called, Terms and Conditions) and Privacy Policy so you can read these back at any point.


1.1 Comparison Services BV, established in Amsterdam and registered at the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 65162323, trading under the name

Webshop: an online store that offers products which can be found on the website and which the visitor enters into an agreement if they place an order.

Visitor: the person who makes use of the website

General Conditions: the Terms of Use

Website: When referring to the website, this means


These Terms of Use shall apply to all agreements when using the website, unless otherwise agreed in writing

By using or accessing the website, the user is in agreement with the Terms of Use

There can be exceptions to the Terms of Use, but only when we specify these exceptions and give written permission

If a visitor orders a product through the website, they are then agreeing to the agreements of the webshop

Information on the website

The information on this website has been compiled with the utmost care, based on the information received from the webshops. will update the information regularly. will display the prices of the products as accurately as possible with the information provided

The visitor understands that the information on the website is derived from the webshops and has not been compiled by The website, therefore can not be held accountable for the accuracy of the information displayed on the website

If there are any discrepancies between the information provided on and the relevant webshop, then the information on the relevant webshop is leading and therefore the information displayed on is overruled

The visitor must before placing an order with the webshop, make sure that they want to engage with the webshops agreement. This is to include all the information included in the relevant webshops agreement

Discounts and promotions

4.1 is able to provide discount and promotional codes. These discount codes have a limited validity. has the authority to provide discount and promotional codes and has the right to edit or delete them without prior notice

The visitor is responsible for entering any discount or promotional codes during the ordering process with the relevant webshops themselves. Not doing so, means the discount will not be processed and the visitor will not receive the discount

When using a discount or promotional code, additional terms and conditions may need to be adhered to, for example a minimum order amount. These conditions are clearly mentioned in the offer on the website

The webshop may attach conditions to the use of discount or promotional codes. As an example, the user may not be able to use the discount code in combination with other discount codes


5.1 may offer the opportunity to post reviews

The visitor must when posting reviews behave in accordance with what is expected of a diligent user. Therefore, this must be understood in every instance by the visitor

- Everything displayed on the website regarding posting reviews, including posts from the personnel will be recorded and monitored
- No actions may be carried out that conflict with laws or regulations, morality, public order and/or the (intellectual) rights of third parties messages
- No posts may be placed that contain any sexual content in any way, this includes any message that could be misconstrued as pornographic, threatening, abusive,
discriminatory or in any way sexually orientated
- No messages shall be placed that in any way violate the privacy of others
- No messages posted from or its visitors shall be modified, removed or deleted without good reason
- Any actions that may cause a nuisance to other visitors will not be condoned
- No spam or other unwanted messages that can be be spread to other visitors will be tolerated
The visitor will be held responsible for any reviews they post. If the content is illegal, then the visitor will be held responsible and personally liable. can not guarantee that the content of the reviews is acceptable to the agreement of the website. is in no way responsible for reviews posted by the visitor

Visitors should acknowledge that is not required at its own accord to monitor or edit any reviews at the time it is posted or thereafter

5.5 is authorized at its own discretion to remove or modify any reviews on the website that do not meet the Terms of Use on the website. This can be done at the websites discretion

5.6 is authorized to monitor and modify the information on the website, to increase the overall quality and/or the readability of any website updates. In addition, the website’s overall impression and/or information to minimise possible damage

The visitor indemnifies for any damages caused by wrongful reviews posted by said persons on the website

The visitor gives permission to a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license to publish on the website. Reviews are saved for archival purposes. The website also reserves the right to change or alter information


Everyone has the right to report reviews that they think do not abide to the terms of the agreement has a complaints procedure that allows third parties to submit complaints. Reviews and complaints can be passed on through the contact details found on the website

If view a complaint as unjustified, then they are authorized to remove it from the website. is entitled to provide the information about how this was detected to the appropriate authority. During this instance, will keep you updated through the course of this procedure

In the instance of repeated complaints or when a visitor violates the agreements they adhere to when using or viewing the website, has authority to deny the visitor access to the website and any other websites owned by FashCom

Under the complaints procedure, the website is not liable for any damage that the visitor suffers through the intervention of This applies even when the complaint proves to be unjustified and the review is not breaching the terms of agreement


The visitor understands that is the mediator and therefore is not liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the agreements stated on any of the webshops

7.2 will not be held liable for any technical failures that may occur. The website will not be held accountable when there are price discrepancies or for the availability of products. is not responsible if the visitor can not order the product or the discount code can not be used


8.1 reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Any changes made are effective immediately. If the visitor does not agree with the Terms of Use for the website they can choose not to use the website

Personal Information

9.1 processes personal data that it receives in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the website

When placing an order, the visitor provides personal data to the relevant webshop or website. Therefore is not liable for how these websites choose to use this data and can not guarantee that the websites handle this data reliably and securely

Final clauses

By accepting these terms of agreement and using the Website, you accept and therefore are in agreement with Terms of Use of the website. These terms and the agreements are between the visitor and and are governed by English law and Scots law

If terms within the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are found to be void, then this will not affect the entire validity of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. And new Terms of Use will come into action with immediate effect by the website. This version will be as close as legally possible to the original

The term “writing” in this agreement means any form of written contact, this could be e-mail, fax or a letter in any form, provided that the identity of the sender and the integrity of the “writing” is sufficiently established

Contact details

Should you need to contact us for any reason or take up a complaint then you can reach us at:

Comparison Services BV
Kabelweg 21
1014 BA Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 486 47 33

Registered in the Netherlands:
KvK nummer: 65162323
BTW nummer: NL 856003542.B01